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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adam LaRoche is a Red Sock?

Why the heck did Boston do this? What about Youk? I know the Yankees just took over first place, but it's not panic time already is it? (I guess it is)

Maybe Boston is just trying to increase their fanbase in Alberta.


AdamE said...

Youk is safe. He will just move over to third to take over for often hurt Lowell.

I would have rather seen them pick up Teahen either way we should have one of the best 'Back up 3rd baseman in baseball.

Captain Canuck said...

huge upgrade for Boston defensively, and that short 290 foot shot to the Pesky pole will be mighty inviting for their new lefty slugger.

anything that gets Mike Lowell out of your lineup is a good thing.

shanediaz82 said...

I like this trade a lot actually. He'll be able to give Lowell some rest with Youk playing third, like the other commenters have already said.