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Friday, July 24, 2009

BP Sports Mini-show this weekend

Just in case any Atlanta readers will be near Marietta this weekend, I thought I'd go ahead and pass this along:

B.P. Sports Weekend

This Saturday!
Braves, UGA & Hall of Fame Framed Items
Autographed Photos, Baseballs, cards and more
Baseball, Football & Basketball Cards
8"x10" photos, posters, magazines & programs
$5 T-Shirt SALE - Braves, Falcons & UGA
Saturday July 25th
10AM - 3PM
Delk Road Courtyard
2455 Delk Road
Marietta, GA 30067
Cut 'n pasted from the e-mail they sent me. I'm still waiting for another full blown show meself, I'll be in a Cisco lab all day Saturday anyway. Which might actually be more fun than a card show. Wait... What am I saying?!?


Wax Heaven said...

If you go, don't buy any 2009 certified autographs from Braves players.

That's all I can say for now.

dayf said...

Oh... dear...

I really have GOT to find a Miller or Canseco card yoou don't have. I got all excited when I found a 2007 Turkey Red black Chrome refractor Andrew Miller, then I looked on your list and you had it already. I WILL find one you don't have!

Russ said...

I used to go to their huge shows they would have in the Galleria convention center. I got to meet Rafael Belliard there and he let me hold his World Series ring.

Wax Heaven said...

Please, I don't need anything in return. Be quite honest, I am having more fun reporting rather than collecting these days.