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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Like a Mini Mall

This was Flea Market Weekend again, and I walked away with a very nice haul indeed. I hit two dealers. The kickass awesome best flea market guy ever who only comes to the market every other month or so and the baseball card museum guy who is there every weekend. I'm going to show off what I got slowly over the course of the week to give you all some breaks from the Gintermania.

Some stuff seen & heard at the mini mall:

My buddy Steve was back at the flea market for the first time in weeks after a long illness.

The Sports Card Alley dealer pulled a Hiroki Kuroda Rip Card out of a pack of '09 A&G. He didn't know what the heck to do with it, I suggested the flashlight cheat trick.

Some yahoo yelling out "Obama Yo Momma!"

The Baseball Card Museum Director showing off a bunch of photos he took during Spring Training 1974 that he took to a one hour photo near the ballpark and got them all signed that same day. I remember Ken Clay was one of the guys who signed, but I can't recall the rest.

One of the other dealers was playing a guitar every few minutes trying to sell the thing. One guy came up to him and requested "Clementine". There was then a five minute conversation with the guy trying to explain to the seller what the heck Clementine was and I wanted to scream "PLAY THE HUCKLEBERRY HOUND SONG YOU DOPE" so bad it hurt.

Another dealer had what appeared to be a complete 1992 The Wiz Yankee Legends set in full unripped perforated sheets. I was too scared to ask how much it was, but I looked at it longingly for quite a few minutes.

A quite impressive vintage poster of Bettie Page.

A dude who sounded exactly like Unknown Hinson. I seriously thought I was going to get to meet the King of Country Western Troubadours but alas, it wasn't he.

Here's the stuff I got from Baseball Museum guy:

More Fleer Basketball Stickers

FleerFan had a request for some more basketball stickers. I think I was able to complete a couple of sets for people today.

I didn't want to just get the stickers so I shuffled around the boxes in the store. There was a non-sports box full of crazy stuff including a Vaughn Bode promo card I wish I had bought now. I found a football grab bag that looked interesting but it's too early for football. Maybe in a couple of weeks. In one of the cases was an autograph of Gil Hodges which looked incredible. I found the 1979 Topps Don Sutton card I need for my set, but it was two bucks and had a crease. Then I saw this in the Phil Niekro section.

It is very rare that I see a Knucksie card that I've never heard of before, but this was one of them. It's black & white (obviously) is playing card size with rounded corners and has the braves cap and logo so is apparently licensed. It's a 1981 First Issue, but first issue what? Here's the back:

It's some sort of game card. this one gets you a double. I'm not sure what the 9 indicates but it probably has something to do with the gameplay. The card has a logo: Batter up! by Frank Daniell. I couldn't find anything about the card or set in my SCD catalog. I also tried Googling and Binging it and still didn't find anything about it. I did find a batting cage in Woodstock I hadn't kn0wn about before so it wasn't a total loss. It's still a pretty cool oddball card though. does anyone have any information on it?


Matt said...

I had a heck of a time at the flea market today as well.

Junk packs....6 for $1. Awesome finds in the dime and quarter boxes. 1968 Topps Rick Wise for 50 cents? Yes, sir. I spent 6 bucks and couldn't have been happier if I had spent 60.

Offy said...

I haven't seen one ripped yet from 2009 to verify, but I think that Topps started putting black pieces of paper in the rip cards so that they can't be searched. I wish that my last basketball rip card had those, it might have kept the card from getting wrecked.

Offy said...

Just watched someone rip one on YouTube and they do have the black paper around them. So now there's no way to tell if you're going to destroy a card numbered to 99 and pull a normal mini that you get in every pack.

PunkRockPaint said...

Thanks a lot, Dayf. Now I am gonna be singing "Its just like a mini, its just like a mini, its just like a mini... mall!" all damn day!

... . -.-. .-. . - / -.-. --- -.. . / -.-. --- -. - . ... - / --- -. / -- -.-- / -... .-.. --- --. / ... - --- .--. / -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / .... .- ...- . / - .... . / -... .- .-.. .-.. ... / ... - --- .--. / - .... .- - / .. ... / .-- .... .- - / .. / - .... --- ..- --. .... - / ... - --- .--.

Fleerfan said...

Glad to see you made it by the flea market. Thanks for picking up the basketball stickers I needed!

DaveH said...

Former Bravo and 1995 NLCS MVP Mike Devereaux is a hitting instructor at the Batters Up Sports Complex in Woodstock.