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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mini Mall pt. 4 - Cheapo packs

I wasn't planning to get any packs at the flea market, but you know how that goes. The packs I got were all discounted however. I got two baseball packs at 35% off their original price but I'm saving them for video rips. I also got some A Pack To Be Named Later fodder for whenever I can find the time to start posting over there. One weekend I'm just going to lock myself in the basement with my laptop and write up about 50 pack rips all at once. You'll see the baseball packs in good time, here are the dregs I pulled out from the dime box:

1989 Topps New Kids On The Block JUMBO

You think this is bad? You have no idea the depths of my cruelty.

2000 Upper Deck Battlefield Earth

Bwahahahahaaa! I told you I got worse! The only good thing about this pack is that there are only three cards.

1999 Precedence Tomb Raider CCG

See, I'm not all that cruel. I am sexist, however, as I just want a nice Lara Croft card to add to my collection of pretty girl cards.

2001 BanDai Gundam M.S. War TCG - Endless Waltz

This pack has Japanese robots in it I think. Do we need more than that?

2005 Wizards of the Coast Codename: Kids Next Door TCG

The cartoon is nothing to write home about but there are 2 game stick-ahs inside so that's good, right?

Ok these packs all suck. BAD. So I also got a couple of these beauties:

1992 Panini Star Trek: The Next Generation stickers

If he had even one sticker album, I would have run to the bank and bought him out of these packs. There were no albums however, so I just got a couple of them at a quarter a pop. I will admit, I am an Original series Purist, but recently my undying loyalty to Kirk has been wavering a bit. I - I'm a bit nervous to even be admitting it, but Picard... Well, Caprtain Picard really is a bad Mickey Fickey. Sure, Kirk beat up a Gorn after his shirt got badly torn, but Picard had Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. Dammit, Picard is every bit as cool as Kirk, just in his own way.

Oh God... what did I just say... Forgive me James, I'm sorry. You banged more green aliens than Picard ever did anyway so you're still cool to me...

Despite my newfound admiration for Picard, I'm not all that familiar with the NextGen series. For about a year or so every time I tried to watch an episode it was that damn one where they land on the planet of Annoying Zero-Tolerance Yuppie Scum and Wesley Crusher trips over a bush and falls into some stupid forbidden thing and gets sentenced to death and everybody freaks out and GOD I HATE THAT EPISODE. So I'll post a pack rip here, but I honestly haven't a clue what is going on with these stickers.

Here a dude wearing a suit made of moving pads stands on a transporter beamer thingy waiting to have every single atom in his body ripped apart at the speed of light, killing him instantly and flinging his spirit into oblivion while a perfect copy of his now soulless husk reappears on the planet surface below. While there, he remembers that he forgot his keys and calls back to the ship to go back and do it all over again. Serves him right for that suit.

In a very delicate diplomatic standoff, Picard faces off against the King of the Goofy Forehead Guys played expertly by the King of the Character Actors, Vincent Shiavelli. Picard is in danger of fouling up negotiations by gawking at Vincent's hideous suit, but deftly recovers by staring at his hideous nose job instead.

Yar goes back with Geordi LaForge to his apartment after a particularly succesful date for a little Reading Rainbow action and is dismayed to find the entire cast of Roots have dropped by for a visit.

Picard and Data spend an enjoyable evening playing a 26th century version of Operation.

If Worf didn't have such poor self-esteem he would be able to tell when the ladies were coming on to him. She wants to go out with you ya big dummy! No wonder he hasn't had a date since Stardate 2536.9.

What the hell? Did Yar just beat up a midieval midget? Pick on someone your own size you bully! That's no way to act at RenFest!

I'm probably completely wrong about these stickers but I don't care if the Trekkies get mad at me 'cause I like Star Wars better anyway!


JD's Daddy said...

words fail me. Except for those three words of course!

Bay Rat North West said...

If you EVER come across those New Kids packs again grab me some. My best friends wife would CHERISH them. Plus I would get some more cookies from her.
I may be wrong, but was Yar the first victim on that Dexter tv show on showtime? The one about the serial killer who was a cop.

Chris Harris said...

That wasn't just a New Kids on the Block waxpack. That was an NKOTB JUMBO pack.