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Friday, July 10, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter Box Break: Pack 5

This pack was much better than the last one. Two new inserts pop up in this one.

242 Mark Teahen
91 Alex Gordon
97 Art Pennington +2 points
74 Matt Tuiasosopo RC
310 Old Faithful SP +5 points SP -1 point WTF
AGH23 Brad Lidge Baseball Highlights +3 points
NH35 Janos Damjanich National Heroes +5 points
NP49 Max Scherzer NP

Good gravy, that Old Faithful card looks stupid. After a pair of Royals started off the pack, I got my second Negro Leaguer (nicknamed Superman!), a rookie with a very hard name to type, the tectonic version of popping a zit and a trio of inserts. Someone mentioned Max Scherzer's intense cards in a previous post. Well, his National Pride card has no lip biting, but he's got the thousand-mile laser stare going on. I would have posted an image but I was afraid the scanner would run away. The Brian Kong sketch cards look really dang good. This Lidge card reminds me of the Constipated Papelbon card from 2008 UD Masterpieces. I like this one a lot better. More joy, less crazy.

I love these National Treasure cards just for the cool history it exposes me to. Janos here was a hero of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and was ultimately executed by the Austrians after the revolutionary government was overthrown. Oddly enough, while he is revered in Hungary, he's sort of the Benedict Arnold of Serbia. This is a pretty nice set, I might have to put it next to my Flags and World Leaders sets in my "I like these sets, but not enough to complete them" binder.


Slette said...

Wow, the Old Faithful card reminds me of when Saddam Hussein lit his oil wells on fire in the first Gulf War.

Sharpe said...

I think the WTF -1 penalty is one of my favorites in all of GaC.

I still feel like in coming years there should be one card picked out that nets you -20 or something reminiscent of gin rummy. Billy the Marlin, or whatever his name is comes to mind.

I love the Alex Gordon card. I can't wait to talk trade with all ya'll from the GaC battle.

beardy said...

I didn't get the Old Faithful card, and really want it!

dinged corners said...

Is Pennington spelled correctly on the back of his card? Apparently in the ten silks, it is not.

dinged corners said...

Ok, the error is on the FRONT in the ten silks. "Ponnington."