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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mini Mall pt 8 - More Braves from the nickel box

(note - the installment # at the top is the order in which I wrote them, not as I post them. I didn't have time to scan all the cards for a few posts, so I'm mixing 'em up for efficiency's sake)

Here's some more Bravos out from that nickel box at the flea market. To save time, I'm not listing all of them, but I did scan some of the more interesting ones. Here's how many I got of each player:

9 Andruws

This here is a promo card from MLB Showdown 2000. These were giveaways at hobby shops that sold Showdown. I got a Corey Koskie promo from a Wizards of the Coast shop up in Minnesota. Might have been in Mall of America now that I come to think of it. I reaaaaly wanted the Andruw but couldn't track it down up there in the Frozen north. Now I got it fer a nickel!

4 Maddux

It really shouldn't be legal to charge only a nickel for a card of Greg Maddux. I'll take it though. All of the pnes I picked up are really crazy oddball stuff except for this very stoic checklist card from 1997 Fleer. I like it though, you know that Maddog is studiying that better intently so he can own him the next time they match up.

4 Smoltz

It's strange, I bought 4 Smoltzies and no Glavines even though I'm mad at Smoltz and feel a tiny bit sorry for Tom. All of Tom's cards were early '90s stuff that I have ten each of already though. This is a mighty nice 2005 Bowman Heritage card of John. (Still wating for that 1953 Bowman Heritage set, Topps)

4 LaRoche

I bought one of every LaRoche card I found in the box because even if I have it already, I know where it can go to live and be happy.

3 Hudson

I think this is one of Huddy's fiorst cards as a Brave. It's a damn good looking one at the very least.

2 Bobby

There ain't a whole lot of Upper Deck Bobby Cox cards. I didn't have this one from the '06 Update set which is a pretty good pic of the skipper. Here's the rest of the Braves (for this post at least)

1 Each:




I got a few more Braves, but those will have to wait for next time...


Andrew said...

Awesome Andruw card. I'm a huge collector of Showdown and it's neat to see the blogs sometimes post these cards.

One of the rarest MLB Showdown promos is an error version of that Jones card where his OB is 10.

Mark's Ephemera said...

Nice Sain card. He's a player that doesn't get much credit these days.

Mark's Ephemera said...

Looking through my stack of MLB Showdown cards this morning, it appears that I do have that Andruw Jones error card.

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