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Monday, July 20, 2009

WBC Redemption

(Originally scheduled for 9/7/09)


Oh, well lookie here, it is!

This came over the weekend. I saw Tristar Fullfullment on the return address and began to hope that it was my Jesse Ventura Feather Boa relic, but alas, it was only my WBC redemption card. I wonder if the reason Topps is taking so long with Jesse is that I've whined so much about really wanting a feather boa relic (and I want it SO BAD) that they're trying to track down a feather boa to put in the card to shut me up? Well they knocked out the WBC redemption a month and a half early so I should cut 'em some slack. Here's my card:

Jin Young Lee Chrome refractor. Looks pretty good! Too bad I don't know who Mr. Lee is. I don't even remember who won the WBC now that I come to think of it. The refractor is really purdy though. Thanks Topps! You did good on this one! I'm still not buying any more of your base set this year after the Black Border debacle, but Good Job on this!

(note to all who were waiting all weekend to see what I meant about the 2009 Topps - get your wantlists ready. That is all for now.)


JD's Daddy said...

Ha! I felt the same about my first redemption card. Have no idea who he is, really dont care. Dont even know why Topps made me sign to receive the letter. Purdy though...

Anonymous said...

Am I the only card blogger that loves the World Baseball Classic? I love it so much I've even started collecting WBC cards.

Japan's won both of 'em so far, btw.