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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter Box Break: Pack 12

HEY! What happened to pack 11? Howcome I skipped from pack 10 to pack 12? It's simple, dear reader... Pack 11 required scans of five cards. Pack 12 required only three. Since I only had 43.8 seconds this morning to scan and upload cards, I went with pack 12 so I could get something posted today. When was my last A&G post anyway? People have Gint-a-Cuffed cases since I posted last.

148 Brad Lidge
127 JD Drew
90 Bobby Crosby -1 points
24 Steve Wiebe
38 Troy Glaus
AGHS22 Ken Griffey Jr. Sketch +3 points
50 Pat Neshek mini
NP44 Yuniesky Betancourt NP
Crack the Code ad

Awww, how precious. What a lovely Junior sketch card. I can't stay mad at Griffey, can I? YOU BET I CAN. Go insert a sockeye where the sun don't shine you backstabbin' money grubber! Oh, and guess what Ken, Braves are in second place and your M's are in third. HAH! I don't care if Seattle has the better record. BRAVES ARE IN SECOND PLACE!!! Garret Anderson is playing just as old as you are anyway.

The Mr. Neshek mini is making it into the official mini binder just for Pat's pivotal role in cracking the Ginter Code. Being the prestigious #50 I'm sort of apprehensive on who is going to get bumped* out of the book. The rest of the cards are kinda meh. I can't remember if Bobby Crosby dings me a point or not. I'm going to wait till half the box if ripped and then re-examine all my Gint-a-Cuff points when I have a couple hours to spare. I'll post my point total (which ain't nowhere near Beardy's 8000 for that one box) and then try to keep up with the points after that. I'm literally typing this post up during a break in my ICND-1 class.

There is one really good card other then mini Pat: The Steve Wiebe Donkey Kong champion card. Donkey Kong was a favorite of mine back in the day and I suuuuuuuucked at it. How he manages to kick ass on that machine I'll never know. I still can't even get past level two on a MAME emulator. He also looks less douchey than Billy Mitchell looks on his card. Steve came real close to breaking the DK record, but got tripped up by a power outage and the dreaded kill screen. Read all about it here.

* Is everyone clear on how my A&G mini binder works? One card per number, any year. Do I need to do a post on that? CAUSE I'LL DO IT SEE IF I DON'T


JD's Daddy said...

chippers dopey sketch card for Griffeys dopey sketch card? Let me know!

dayf said...


e-mail me, we can figure somethin out.

Brian said...

I get it...really, I get it...but you should post it anyway. Nice find on that Munson by the way. I'd kill, well, maybe not kill, but I'd like to have a source like that.

dinged corners said...

For whatever reason, don't you think Pat Neshek cards are an outstanding element of this year's A&G, esp. Crack the Code and the mini?