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Sunday, July 5, 2009

I told you I went A&G crazy but you didn't believe me


So, inspired by an offhand comment in this post, I satisfied Tunguska's request and Did a Cliff's Notes Allen & Ginter card:

Then, I sort of went off a Cliff so to speak.

Oh, I think that would be very fine behavior for a Cliff Richard fan!

For someone who actually believes the lyrics to 'Devil Woman' have got something to say!

Cliff Johnson has become my favorite card from 1982 Topps. When I went off the Cliff, this was the very first Cliffy baseball card I thought of.

This card has never been in my kitchen.

These things are good. I used to eat them all the time when I, uh, hiked up mountains and stuff. That's the ticket.

And the obvious:

Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

(I'll fix this one once I have a horizontal card template)

One more just for Beardy...

Hey Sony BMG, Embedding disabled by request is a lousy way to advertise your music

Here's the extended remix anyway.

Ok, looks like I'm doing requests now. Here ya go David.

I'll get this request eventually (From Jason T. most likely) so here it is:

Aaaaaand why not? Let's see if he notices.

(this is fun)


White Sox Cards said...

Classic! I love the obscure Jeopardy on Cheers comment.

Lonestarr said...


Mark's Ephemera said...


Tunguska said...

I knew it would not take very long with this creative crowd. Beautiful work indeed. As for the Wile E. card, I have found my candidate for "Card of The Year"!!!!

beardy said...

where's jimmy cliff?

David said...

Unbelievable post! If I could put in my 2 cents it would be Cliff Huxtable ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Love the Cliff Burton. CLIFF 'EM ALL!!!