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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flea Market Finds Contest

First up, if you haven't gotten in on Wax Heaven's Spectrum Contest, time is a-running out. If I'm lucky enough to win one of the contests, I'll be giving away one of the autographs I win. Well, except in one of these cases: If I win the Grand Prize, I'll probably try to sell off both of them because I don't really want those cards inside my home and others inexplicably want to buy them. Also, if I win the Up In Smoke set, there's no way I'm breaking up Cheech & Chong and I'll give away the Dee Snider I pulled last year instead. Also go check out 1st and Goal for sponsoring the contest in the first place.

Ok, now since I sort of unintentionally took the weekend off. I've got another contest for you. MrsTooth won the last one and her prize is being formulated as we speak. However, this is not an easy contest to win. It can be won, but the answers are somewhat obscure. I'm pretty sure you can find them somewhere in the archives of this blog. First though, I have to show off what I found at the flea market today.

My son got jealous of me going to the market last weekend and asked to go today. Since I had a kid with me, I couldn't go to the Card & Pr0n Mega-Emporium, but I was able to find a couple of interesting things. The guy I mentioned last week who had The Wiz Yankee set was back, this time in the place Sports Card Alley normally sets up. There I found these:

Spahn and Mathews and...

Bruce and Huddy.

Remember when I got that free ticket to the Astros game that had the Bob Horner '86 Topps reprint on it? Well, here's four more season ticket cards. They cost me a buck a pop (and he was charging two for a '92 Justice ticket because A-Fraud hit a homer or something in the game) but where the heck am I ever going to see any of these again? I have five out of the set now, only 76 more to go!

My other big find was at a table selling old movies on VHS. Who watches VHS tapes anymore? I do! I'm cheap as hell and I've still got three working VCRs in the house and when one or two of 'em die I'll but a VHS/DVD recorder and burn all my old tapes. Figuratively then literally. It's important to get the order right there. Most of the tapes were '90s action and horror movies, but I found two tapes I couldn't pass up. The first one is this one:

I love old B-movie monster flicks. Check out the writeup on the back (click to enlarge)

Can the scientist save the captured humans from the clutches of THE MONSTER? It's a 50's monster movie, what do you think? Here's the other one:

A documentary of one of my heroes. I didn't know this movie even existed. Hopefully there's a few of his routines on the tape, there's only so many times even a true fan can watch a grainy YouTube video of the animated "Thank You Masked Man" skit.

Ok, so here's the contest. I have two questions for you.

Question 1:

Why did I absolutely have to buy the video of "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE"? What possessed me to do so?

Question 2:

What do I have in common with Lenny Bruce?

There are very specific answers to these two questions and you have to get them exactly right to win. if no one gets it, no one wins. Here are the prizes:

Answer question 1 correctly and win an autograph of my choice.
Answer question 2 correctly and win a relic card of my choice.
Answer them both correctly and you'll get an auto and a relic and some inserts and a pack and whatever else I can find lying around the house.

When someone answers the one correctly, there will be a 24 hour window to answer the other one. Two different people can both win. If no one ever guesses, no one wins (there's still an unanswered anime contest question out there from a year or two ago)

Here's the thing... I will have very little access to the interwebs this week so I might not get back to the winner right away so be patient for a ruling. You can keep guessing if you wish, but if you guess too much I might get annoyed and delete all of them. There's a very fine line you have to walk in my contests...


Patsearcher said...

Like Lenny Bruce, you have been arrested for impersonating a priest.

Mark's Ephemera said...

You were forced to purchase "It Came From Outer Space" because it is good/bad sci-fi, written by one of the masters, Ray Bradbury. As a bonus, it had a young Russell Johnson as George. Up to that point, Johnson had been relegated to playing bit parts in two-bit Western films. This film set the path for him to end up as The Professor on Gilligan's Island.

Lenny Bruce died the day that you were born. Or that you and he attended the same mail-order school for naughty language.

Priscilla Wilson's %&*@%ing School of %(#$^!ing Language Arts, Barstow, Cali-#@^*^&ing-fornia.

Bay Rat North West said...

Crap Mark.

I was all up in the Ray Bradbury on this one.

As for you and Lenny. I am guessing it is that you two are both of German heritage. Poss mothers names are the same.

Matt said...

You and Lenny have the same birthday.

David said...

You and Lenny have the same surname.

dayf said...

There has been one correct answer.
I'm not tellin' who it is. You have till 7am tomorrow to get the other one.

beardy said...

You purchased "It Came From Outer Space" because you are a huge fan of the space program, and today is the 40th anniversary of man "walking on the moon" which is also a great sci-fi movie, even if it is a mockumentary.

I heart run-on sentences.

The Masked Avenger said...

You and Lenny Bruce have the same birthday and you collect Barbara Rush movies/TV appearances. Bonus: you like that the aliens turn out to be nice guys because that was a comforting when you first started watching scary movies.

dayf said...

One question was answered correctly, the other was not. I'm contacting the weiner now.