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Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter Box Break: Pack 3

Pack three yielded the first hit, so I scanned all seven cards to celebrate. Now about that hit...

8 Matt Cain
258 Felix Hernandez
168 Adrian Gonzalez +2 points
330 Christian Guzman SP +5 points
AGR-LC Lynne Cox relic +12 points
303 Rocco Baldelli mini SP +7 points
NP51 Albert Pujols National Pride

The pack starts off with two great young pitchers. I knew Matt Cain would get it together one of these days, and now he's an All-Star. I also picked up my first two short prints after getting zippo in the first two packs. I am assuming that cards 301-350 are short prints, but I think it's a safe assumption as these are the first two cards in the 300's I've pulled period. The most fun I've had so far with the box is taking the minis and checking my binder to see if they fill a slot or can bump a card out of the book. Rocco fits nicely in between Brad Lidge and Victor Hugo on his page. So far I've been pulling stars right and left with my second Pujols in as many packs and the slugging Adrian Gonzalez. How he hits homers in Petco I'll never know.

Ok, I guess I have to discuss this now...

When I first pulled the card I saw it from the back and was all "Cool! A Relic!" Then I saw the name and I was all like "Sweet! A short printed relic!!" Then I looked at the front and saw what appeared to be a 12 year old girl staring at me and I felt creepy as hell. Ok, so she's not actually 12 years old, but that's what it looked like at least and it weirded me out. I've been feeling a bit squicky about seeing 16 year olds on the cover of Beckett and in Upper Deck packs and 9 year olds with autograph cards in this set and actually pulling something I thought was like that unnerved me. I'm actually really impressed with Lynne now that I've had a chance to read about her accomplishments (she swam in Antarctica?!?) but I'd prefer we leave the kids out of trading card sets now, thanks.


Joe S. said...

I swear, with each passing pack I'm less enthused about this product... these hits are silly.

Anonymous said...

I hate to ask, but what's the relic of?

Ryan said...

I believe this pack is:

+12 for the relic
+5 SP Guzman
+7 mini SP Baldelli
+2 Gonzalez Favorite player list

Total = +26 points. Very solid scoring pack.

We still need to verify that 301-350 are indeed SP though.

Captain Canuck said...

so......... it's a used swimsuit swatch??? Swim cap???

JD's Daddy said...

I Betcha Billy the Marlin is looking pretty sweet at this point!

Lonestarr said...

This is the one set that can get away with the oddball relics/autos, imo, since it is in line with it's 1880s origins. Not that the non-baseball player/sport in general really bother me much in anything though, except maybe the Bowman scout autos kinda. Nice pack.

Mad Guru said...

Cox's book Swimming to Antarctica was pretty good. It was sort of fascinating in that she possesses some odd physiology that enables her to swim in trmendously cold water.

And it's not like there's someone named Cox who has an involvement with a baseball team. You know, someone who you might have gotten a hit of had your baseball product been a baseball product.