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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Play 'em off Keyboard Cat

I'm glad Chris did this 'cause if he didn't I would have had to do it.

Speaking of Epic Fail, what the hell is this blasphemy??

Jackie Robinson retires rather than become a Giant, so Topps decides to desecrate his memory and 'shop a New York Giant uni on him.


You suck.


night owl said...


night owl said...

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thewritersjourney said...

I'm torn. I like "what if" situations. I wish Steve had 'shopped a ChiSox uni on the Babe for his recent post. Back when I was a kid, I would draw pictures of Eric Davis in different uniforms...every time a new trade rumor would pop up, I would sketch the centerfielder in different duds. In that sense, I like the Jackie card.

But then there is the traditionalist in me, who hates everything innovative and shiny and foily and chromy and Photoshoppy.

Mad Guru said...

If every team can retire Jackie's number, shouldn't Topps be able to make a card of him on every team? I, for one, look forward to seeing Robinson as a San Diego Padre.

votekenchan said...

Who collects baseball cards anymore? It's mis-cut because i guess they don't care about baseball cards