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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why old junk wax is very often better than new junk wax

Stale Gum, while on a mysteerious mission to Virginia, stopped off at a card show and had the choice of purchasing a box of 2008 SP Authentic or 1998 SP Authentic.

Chris Harris... chose wisely.

If you're interested, here's the complete list of autograph subjects from 1998 SP Authentic (with my judgment on whether it's Good or just OK)

RA Roberto Alomar (good even though I despise him)
RB Russell Branyan (he's managed to hang around the league an awful long time)
SC Sean Casey (the Mayor!)
TC Tony Clark (still in the league)
RC Roger Clemens (300+ wins is good with or without juice)
JC Jose Cruz Jr. (never lived up to Griffey)
DE Darin Erstad ( I will not forgive him for what he did to Estrada)
NG Nomar Garciaparra (Ok so I'm sentimental for the Tech grad)
BG Ben Grieve (He coulda juiced up with Jose and Mark, but didn't)
KG Ken Griffey Jr. (c'mon, it's Junior)
VG Vladimir Guerrero (Future Hall of Famer, hopefully with a 'Spos cap)
TG Tony Gwynn (Current Hall of Famer)
TH Todd Helton (Coors or no Coors, the man can hit)
LH Livan Hernandez (not a bad career for the Cuban)
CJ Charles Johnson (great catcher that burned out too soon)
AJ Andruw Jones (he'll never be what he once was, but could still make the hall with a few more productive years)
CHIP Chipper Jones (So intensely awesome, his card number is 4 letters!)
PK Paul Konerko (a better player than you think)
MK Mark Kotsay (not a star, but the guy can play)
RL Ray Lankford (ditto)
TL Travis Lee (well, he sure could play defense...)
PM Paul Molitor (Hall of Famer)
MM Mike Mussina (He finally got that 20 win season)
AR Alex Rodriguez (back whan he wasn't a douche)
IR Ivan Rodriguez (Top 5 all-time catcher)
SR Scott Rolen (he's had injury problems, but is still a pretty damn good player)
DL Gary Sheffield (I don't care what you think, a 500 home run hitter is good)
MT Miguel Tejada (May have destroyed Rafael Palmeiro's HOF chances with a B-12 shot, so I'm not sure if this is good or not)
JW Jaret Wright (I'm soooooo glad the Yankees overpaid him instead of the Braves)
MV Mo Vaughn (He was good back in the day)

Note that the worst autos in the set are probably Ben Grieve and Travis Lee. Now compare to Chris' pulls from 2008 SP, Brian Bocock and Somebody Petit. Ben and Travis at least were starters for several years. There ain't a bad auto in the bunch, just a few OK ones. Do your homework before buying boxes, sometimes the older ones are best.

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