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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Topps Series 2 Black Border Wal-Mart Blasters Are Live

Saw two of 'em at the Wally World on Mansell Road in Alpharetta.

Check the bar codes, the variation blasters have #13 in the code.

No matter what Topps told Hand Collated, I didn't see any differentiation between the blasters. I could have missed it though because I went straight for the bar code when I looked at them.

No, I didn't buy one 'cause I'm broke from my Ginter binge.

Yes, I'll probably go by tomorrow and succumb to temptation.

(someone please buy them, I really am broke)


dinged corners said...

They're back? They never went away? We haven't seen them in a while but really like those cards.

Anonymous said...

I'll hit the local WalWorld on the way home from work in the mornning. I'm not sure why Topps wants to lie to me, though

capewood said...

I got enough of the black cards with series 1. and I've got enough series 2. I'm still waiting for an A&G balster.