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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ginter Checklist and Other Odds and Ends

I was feeling generous tonight so I scanned my Allen & Ginter Hobby Checklist at 400 DPI and posted it for you all. Click on the scans to see 'em up close. Save them and open them in an image editor and blow 'em up 400% sto get a really good look.

For those who haven't seen it yet, here's the Allen & Ginter Crack The Code advertisement card.

I love the beard on 19th century cryptologist dude.

The back doesn't say a whole lot other than the e-mail address to send your guess. Now what is this code thing anyway? It looks like this is:

This is a parallel inserted into A&G at 1:12 packs. My guess is those crazy alchemy heiroglyphics around the border has something to do with the border. Good luck with this one, kiddos.

It was pointed out that I didn't add up my Gint-a-Cuffs points last night. Well, that is true, but I spent all my time dissecting the box ephemera in excruciating detail. I've gone over it (and gotten some help from commenters) and here's what I came up with so far:

Box Topper: Cabinet Card

+8 points

Pack 1:

My Favorite Player National Pride

+6 Points

Negro League Star

Awaiting Commish's ruling

Pack 2:


How the hell are Pujols and Howard not someone's favorite player??

Pack 3:
Adrian Gonzalez base

+2 points

Short Print (Guzman) and Mini Short Print (Baldelli)

+5 points (SP)
+7 points (Mini SP)

Short Printed Relic

+12 points (pending SP list)
For the record, I finally gathered the courage to touch the relic portion of the card and it's more rubbery than spandexy so I think it's a swimming cap and not a swimsuit. Maybe a wetsuit.

So, the total so far is 8+6+0+2+5+7+12=40 pending the ruling on Evans. I will try to keep up with the points from now on, but I'm not gonna lie, if time gets tight I'll post a rip without points before I don't post it at all.

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Mark's Ephemera said...

Thanks for the scans. I've put every bit of power of my office to work on getting things sorted out.

Teaser answer... Yes, Negro League players will be worth some points.

The Commissioner