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Saturday, July 4, 2009

2006 Topps Declaration of Independence and Constitution Wantlists

The best line from this or any other movie:

(wait for it)

This seems like a good day to post this... If anyone collects this set (or doesn't and just has some lying around) Here are the cards I need to finish off my Declaration of Independence and Signers of the Constitution insert sets from 2006 Topps.

Declaration of Independence

Abraham Clark
Caesar Rodney
George Ross (have Chrome version)
George Wythe (have Chrome version)
John Witherspoon
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Stone
William Ellery
William Floyd
William Hooper

Signers of the Constitution

Abraham Baldwin
John Blair
William Blount
William Livingston
James Madison
Thomas Mifflin
Governeur Morris
Charles Pinckney

I have these available in trade for anyone who needs 'em:

Declaration of Independence
Benjamin Harrison
James Wilson
Lewis Morris
Lyman Hall
Matthew Thornton
Richard Henry Lee
Richard Stockton
Roger Sherman
Stephen Hopkins

Signers of the Constitution
Johnathan Dayton
Thomas Fitzsimons
Nathaniel Gorham
Nicholas Gilman
Richard Dobbs Spaight

If you have/need any of these jus' let me know...


Chris Harris said...

It's nice to know that New Brunswick hasn't changed much in 233 years.

madding said...

I have William Ellery and Thomas Mifflin. They're all yours.