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Friday, July 31, 2009


Everything's scanned now. Time to post this properly. Basically, I got a blaster of A&G as soon as I could find one and took the time to see how it would score using the Gint-a-Cuffs rules. This was a pretty damn good blaster if I say so meself. I'm not doing pack by pack breakdowns on this thing, only the relevant information needed for scoring.


Out of the 25 base cards in the box 6 were doubles. This was compared to just the base in the first half of my hobby box, there may be more. There probably will be, actually. I'm not listing all this junk out, but here are the point getters (or losers):


Wright, Mauer and Willie Williams +2 +2 +2

Mick & Tex Dirty Yanks -1 -1

4 Short Prints:

I was happy to get the short prints when I opened the box. Then I scored the rest of my hobby box and realised they were all dupes that could be found in the second half of my box. So it goes.

Adrian Gonzalez' brother +5

Smilin' Justin Masterson +5

BJ "Unconditional Release" Ryan +5

Wierdly Scanned Chris Young +5

If anyone needs 'em let me know. No promises on when I'll e-mail you back though.

5 Mini Cards:

Four of them are worthless, one is a short print so +7 for me. Strangely, the one Chris Volstad SP mini is worth as many points as all my base cards put together.

Chris Volstad & Friends +7

Vladdy Daddy A&G +2

Another oddity: The SP and A&G minis that had point values are the only two minis that didn't make the mini binder. Volstad was blocked by Kerri Walsh and Vlad <>

National Heroes - Poland +5 points

Tadeusz Kosciuszko is a Revolutionary War hero who liked fighting the British so much he started his own revolution against the Russians. Topps picked some really fascinating folks for this series.

Hoaxes etc. +5

YES! An actual Hoax and not a criminal! This is a real old school hoax too. I'm very happy with this one. It kind of screws up the rant I had planned for my second hobby hoax, though. Oh well, I'll live.

9 National Pride Inserts:

They were all in a run from 19-126 so I just scanned the whole page.

Money cards:
David Wright +4
Chase Utley +4
Yunel Escobar +2

Ichiro Sketch Card +3

Ichiro! 'Nuff said. Now for the Biggie:

Evan Longoria Relic +40

Gotta love a relic in a blaster. REALLY gotta love it when it's a star and not Eric Gagne or Bobby Crosby. Ok, total Gint-a-Cuff points for the blaster:

99 points

Can anyone out there beat that? I've heard there's been lots of relics coming out of blasters...


Flash said...

My girlfriend pulled two relics out of one pack in a blaster last night. The A&G blasters I've seen this year are pretty good.

Jeremy said...

That's cool that you pulled a relic from a blaster. I've bought two blasters and the only "hits" I pulled were a bazooka back mini.

night owl said...

Bought my first blaster yesterday. Quite disappointing. Every National Pride was a dupe. Every short-print was a dupe. No relic.

Black-bordered Mauer was the highlight.

madding said...

I'm not sure how it would score, but my blaster was very similar, right down to the Ichiro sketch card. My relic was Ryan Braun. I might have to pick up another one this weekend and hope that the National Pride cards don't overlap the last one.

dinged corners said...

What Jeremy and night owl said. Who wants those stinky '09 A&G relics anyway?

Two in one box, none in others. Way to collate, Topps.

McCann Can Triple said...

I don't think I have a relic in mine.

They actually had them in stock at Target. I plan on opening the packs later but just from the way they feel it doesn't look as if I got one. (the only time I do pack searching is when I buy a blaster and try and determine if I have before ripping em open.)

Why is it when I got to get something they are always out? I went to get a hockey blaster and they where all sold out.

Anonymous said...

I got both jack AND s*** out of my blaster as far as hits of any kind goes, though I managed a few new National Prides and about 4 keepers, so it wasn't a total waste *desperate stretch for positiveness*.

My black-bordered mini A-Rod was miscut so bad it'd be funny, if I didn't spend $20 on the box.

andrew peiffer said...

i busted a blaster last night. i got a dominique wilkins SP ad back mini, 1 national heroes and 1 hoax(forgot which ones), ichiro sketch, a code card and my hit was a swisher relic SP to i think 160

Howard Bagby said...

I have bought three blasters so far. I did get one relic, some guy named Chipper Jones. Ever hear of him? Seriously, however, I did something strange out of one of them. On the back of a mini card of Vernon wells was hand written 11/50. There was nothing else different on the card. Do you have any idea what that is all about?

dayf said...

Look at the card number on the back. You'll figure it out.

Howard Bagby said...

Thank you.