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Monday, January 23, 2012

1976 Topps Ron Paul

Once I saw this I couldn't not do this:

I even used Cesar Cedeno's card for the template since they look so much alike.

(my pledge to avoid politics this year has really gone all to crap, hasn't it??)


dayf said...

Posting for JT since Blogger is eating his comments:

"Thanks for doing this. Saves me the trouble (although I might still try to do another one with the other photo)."

Blogger's been acting goofy for me too lately. Guess I'm #2 on the SOPA hit list after MegaUpload. Maybe I'll get to share a jail cell with Kim Dotcom!

Captain Canuck said...

crap, that means I'm one more card short of the complete set.

now 19 more to go.......

The Chop Keeper said...

Too bad he wasn't pictured in the Colt .45s uni. Baseball. Freedom. Second Amendment rights. Liberty. Mabey in '13?

Johngy said...

Just found this one. Great job!