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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Official Trade With Scott

A little while back I offered up all these cards in exchange for three things:

  • 1 Braves Card
  • 1 Card What Is Cool
  • 1 Drawing Of A Subject Of My Choice. 

Scott Sawyer stepped up to the plate and took my offer.

And sent 13 cards instead of 3, but I'll let him slide this time simply due to these three cards.

The Brave

There were Braves all over that package, including some Dover Reprints, minor league cards from the '80s and a Jermaine Dye autograph that almost ended up in this post. Instead, I chose this Chipper Jones bat relic from 2001 Fleer Platinum RC Edition. Fleer Platinum was Fleer's "Heritage Set" using designs from the '80s including '81, '84 and '87 Fleer. In '01 they used the 1981 design and added a "RC" Update set towards the end of the year. I think it was merely an excuse to get a Mark Prior card on the market. Well, in the Aughts a card set wasn't a card set without truckloads of relic cards. Here's one of Chipper in the Lumberjacks set. Anyone recognize the photo in the background? It looks familiar but at 1:30am I can't place it. I chose the Chippah - well, because Chippah - but also because I looked through my Chippah box and didn't find this one. That's right, I got over a thousand different Chipper Jones cards and Scott found one I didn't have already. Good show!

The Cool

1991 Pro Set Scottsh Football card of Tommy Turner of St. Johnstone. Any man who can pull off shorts like that whose name is not John Stockton is automatically cool. Take into account the 'stache and Tommy is reaching dangerous levels of coolness. Oh how I regret not buying a box of this stuff at the dollar store when I had a chance...

The Sketch

Not even going to make jokes about this one, because I have never been quite as happy to see a card in my life as I was to see this one. I think I was a teensy bit happier to see my kids being born, but it was close. Holy crap did this one throw me for a loop.

My instructions to Scott were thusly:
Your artist's commission:1) a monster or2) a pony (for all values of pony) or3) a scene or actor from a favorite movie
Choose any one of those three that you wish. Or any of those three asor with a pony. (Pony pony?) Do not worry about artistic ability, I'ma fan of outsider art and the more DIY the better I like it.

Here is the result:

Humphrey Bogart & Ilsa Pie. On a Topps "You Sketch It" card. I have no words. But my initial reaction was this.

Oh yass, there will be a repeat of this experiment, and soon.

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SpastikMooss said...

OMGZ that is awesome.