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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trying to get back to normal

SOPA ain't dead yet, but hopefully a whole bunch of people who didn't know anything about it got some knowledge today. Thanks to everyone out there who did their part today to raise awareness of one of the many bits of underhanded shenanigans our government keeps trying to pull on us. From the sites who shut everything down completely to the people who just put a mention in their normal site activity that they were against SOPA, everyone who did even the smallest thing to raise awareness today has my gratitude. As do everyone else out there who just learned a little bit about the world today. SOPA ain't dead, PIPA ain't dead, the people who want to fuck up the interwebs are still out there, and they're already regrouping as I type this. Don't be surprised if the bill is repackaged, renamed, and snuck into a budgetary defense appropriation bill that has to be passed right now or the government will shut down (if only), the world economy will collapse and all our troops in the field will be left to die. But at least at this particular moment things look a tiny bit better than they did last week. Don't think I'm going to let up though, I can be obnoxious when riled.

IN THE MEANTIME: the blog (or at least the background and header) will remain black until I can find the images on my hard drive and upload 'em again. Maybe a little MSPainting is in order?

I also wanted to acknowledge a package received from Scott Sawyer. He took the bait when I tried to pawn off some doubles. Here is the play by play of my reaction when opening the package.

Oh hey, a package!
It's from Scott!
Awww jeez, I only asked for three cards! There's a dozen in here! I have too many cards as it is!
These are pretty cool though, even if I got 'em already.
Let's open this up- D'OH dinged the crap out of that corner there...
Ooh, this IS a cool card
Braves errywhere - do I have that already?
Couple off a want list, sweet
Wow, that's a nice one
Heh! I remember those! nifty!
Still, this is too many cards. I just wanted three! Let's check out the sketch card.

 (yeah I'm gonna make you wait for the post)


SpastikMooss said...

Your blog wins everything. Every. Single. Mother. Fucking. Thing. Well done good sir.

FanOfReds said...

ESMFT. (as Spastik said)