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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And your little dog too

I'm with Jeph on this one, mock this song and I'll slug your ass.

I got a package from Andy today, it included some cards chosen from one of the Card Drafts that have been happening lately. He picked up some cards for me in the draft and in return I'm doing a little project for him. The package also included something wonderfully rude which I'll have to pay back in return, but that's all I'll say about that. In the package were a few extra bonus cards along with the ones I requested in the draft.

Problem is, some of the cards I already have/don't need. The Toto I already had. The Castle I thought I needed, but didn't. Castro, Papelbon and Lee either didn't make the cut for my FrankenSet or were bounced from the set by other cards I received in the package. Gio and Snider replaced a couple cards I didn't need, but decided to keep. The A&G Chipper below is my fourth, and I didn't buy all that much A&G last year. I'd like to keep my resolution of clearing out stuff I don't need, so here's my offer.

In exchange for these (and probably some other junk I don't need) I request just three things in return:

One Braves card to replace Chipper. Any one will do.
A card that is cool. You know what's cool, I don't have to explain it.
You must draw a picture for me. I will provide you with a list of acceptable subjects.

That's it. If you accept this challenge, post a comment here and e-mail me. E-mail is in profile. I'll be up for another hour or two so I hope to have an address to send these things to before I go to bed. I am going to hit the post office tomorrow if it kills me and I'll send these to a random address in the phone book if I have to. Everything you send will be posted here, so keep that in mind. Thanks for looking and if you see this post Friday morning, don't feel bad, if this works out I may make this a regular thing.


AdamE said...

I need that Papelbon mini. Problem is I don't really need the rest and I already sent you the only card that you might consider cool. Oh and I can't draw worth a dam.

dayf said...

Ok, AdamE's package is going out tomorrow too, so whoever claims this will get a mini from the team of their choice as a replacement.
Someone claim this thing already! I don't care if you can't draw well!

Sascards67 said...

I'm up to the challenge. A Royals mini will do as a replacement. Just let me know what it is I need to draw. I'd even try a pony.

P-town Tom said...

This has the makings of some wonderful blog reading down the road.