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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Congrats Barry

I remember Barry Larkin fondly. Mainly because my Braves walloped him in the playoffs in his MVP year on their way to a Championship. The only one we'll ever get. Now he's in the Hall of Fame and I can show off this card which is relevant tonight and tonight only.

Also congrats to Jack Morris who hit inevitable status today with 68%. He might not go in next year (next year's ballot is gonna be CARAAAAAYZEEEE!!!!) but you can't get 68% of the vote and not get in eventually. The Vets committee will be cleaning up a LOT of the BBWAA's messes in the next 20 years so rest easy, Jack.

I have resolved not to kvetch about the Hall of Fame Voting this year, so I'd like to go the opposite route and post a link to the greatest Hall of Fame Ballot "this is who I voted for, chumps" circlejerk article of all time. Words simply cannot describe the sheer beauty of this piece, even though it is in fact completely made up of words itself. The powerful emotions this scribe stirred in my heart compelled me to commit a shocking act of copyright infringement and quote for you this tenderly sweet passage about Dale Murphy's candidacy.
My favorite team growing up in the 1920s was the Kentucky Bourbons, and no player better exemplifies the spirit of the Bourbons than ol’ DALE MURPHY. Murphy loved his bourbon, and his crack. Always willing to share, always a great teammate, and hardly ever getting hit by a pitch. It’s too bad he was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald. I don’t know who I’m talking about anymore, but when I hear Dale Murphy, I think of a walrus being eaten by a wolf, on the roof of the Baseball Hall of Fame. So I can’t deny a vote to this one. Eight down, one more makes ten, I am on a roll. And also eating a roll, because I’m hungry.
Never before has the true Dale Murphy been adequately described in print. Not like this. These kind words inspired me to take pencil in hand and draw this man's vision to the best of my ability.

Don't feel bad for the walrus, he's going up to Heaven to eat oysters with Jesus

I raise a glass of Kentucky Bourbon to you, oh Strawman Sportswriter. As well as a crack pipe to ol' Murph. The Veteran's Committee will put you in eventually.


deal said...

No Barry Larking Sketch Card Today?

dayf said...

I draw a wolf eating a walrus on the roof of the Baseball Hall of Fame and this does not please you? This is not enough for you? Fine. I'll get working on Barry sketch.

Nachos Grande said...

I like that Barry card.
I don't have that Barry card.