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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vintage Show and Jason Heyward signing in the ATL this weekend

Little Green Postcard is in the house.

The Sports Memories of Oklahoma show will be back in Atlanta this weekend, at the Courtyard Hotel on Delk Road in Marietta. This is the guy I'm always raving about with the travelling card museum.  I'll be there sometime on Saturday afternoon. I flaked on last September's show and forgot which weekend it was so I've got bargain box withdrawal.

This is actually a pretty epic weekend for Memorabilia, as Jason Heyward is signing at BP Sports in Marietta on Saturday from noon-1. ON JANUARY 28. I misread the e-mail, sorry if I caused you to go down to Marietta today. I can get my baseball signed by J-Hey for $39? Yes, please.

All this and a new Pinkie Pie episode this Saturday? Best. Day. Ever.


Captain Canuck said...

bargain box withdrawl??? what happened to the new year's resolution? Quality over quantity, remember?

dayf said...

There's a big difference between scrounging a dime box for shiny parallels and looking for 1953 Topps High Numbers in the Sports Memories bargain box.

carlsonjok said...

Roger is the man. It was his discount box that made me realize I could afford cards from the 1950s and started me on my long term quest to build a 1956 set.

Any idea what (or who) he means by "entertainment?"

Dante said...

Can you do posts were you do the like top 20 vintage cards you got? Those are always the best posts youdo. I really enjoy them.