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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dammit, no politics!

Ever been completely off your game? I'm like that today. Slept in too late. Didn't oversleep, I just didn't feel like getting up. Got blindsided at work by an annoyance which messed up my plan for attacking my schedule. After work, I planned to take a walk for some exercise, but it's raining. Now I'm avoiding the leg-killing rowing machine thingy we have that makes you look like you're humping the air. I'm in one of those moods where I'm afraid of pencils so the drawing doesn't look good for tonight. I thought it would be good to organize my scans for posts and I can't find anything. Stuff I know I scanned just ain't there. The stuff that is there is loading slowly because I have 47 tabs open in Chrome like a moron. I opened up a beer. It's imported. Did you know that "NaturtruB" is German for 'cloudy with dead yeast sediment'? I do now. Now I'm afraid of beer. Oy Gevalt. I am so off my game right now. It's so bad I'm posting a package I received in the mail. I know! What's wrong with me??

Recently Padrographs was cleaning out the closet and giving stuff away. I snagged this!

Nixon-Lodge in 1960! 

That might make a good ticket for 2012, actually. Sure they're dead, but the Republicans are running a bunch of stiffs anyway. Just check out Woody McCarSalesman celebrating a victory and tell me that Zombie Nixon wouldn't mop up the floor with him. Of course, Tricky Dick would be running to the left of Hopey McChangerson so he might not be able to count on the Tea Party vote.  But the robot vote...

Nixon's Back
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See how far off my game I am? I'm posting about politics. The hell is wrong with me. Here's some Chipper to make amends:

Rod included this joisey cahd of Chippah along with three cards of players I love from sets I loathe. Which is good, since I would never buy them anyway. Lineage? blech. As you can see, it's a Feel the Game Joisey from Ultra. I can't remember what year Ultra because I am totally off my game. It's aping the 1987 Fleer design, which I find cool. Having gold borders instead of baby blue unnerves me in some unexplainable way however. I don't mind too much because I like the look of the card, the swatch has stitch marks and a little bit of red fluff, and I'm not 100% sure but I don't think I have this one yet. When you have over a thousand Chipper cards you kinda lose track but I think I would remember this one. Who can tell, I am off my - well - you know.

I've taken a sip of the schmutzy beer and it's not bad. Very smooth. Not hoppy at all. Slightly sweet actually. Ain't that goop at the bottom basically Vegemite anyway? A few shots of bourbon and I'll be ready to finish off this beer. Then I'll have the courage to exercise on the hump machine! Still afraid of pencils though - no Barry Larkin sketch card tonight I'm afraid. 


Dhoff said...

That stuff on the bottom is where they hide all the good stuff.

Play at the Plate said...

It's ok to post a package with stuff from the '60s. Even political stuff. Don't worry, the pencils won't be so scary tomorrow and the beer, well the beer will still be there. Just chew before you swallow.