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Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Vintage Show Top 20 - #18 At Least He's a Hall of Famer Now

FYI for everypony: If you're in the Houston area this weekend, Sports Memories of Oklahoma (the dude I bought these cards from) is going to be at the TriStar card show at Reliant Stadium this weekend. If you end up going, say hi to Roger for me.

Yes, I used the word everypony. It's Applejack episode day! Errrrrr... make that Derpy episode day!

I've set myself up for failure with this series of posts by writing the first two too well. I'm not sure exactly what is the reason behind this. Perhaps I got really geeked up over the vintage show. Maybe it's all the caffeine I've ingested this week. The recent internet unpleasantness (I don't even want to say the name) got me riled up, maybe that got the juices flowing. It might be that I've got a bunch of sketching projects to complete and I'm procrastinating by writing a lot. Who knows, maybe all the ponies have recharged my batteries. This post - I can tell you right now - is not going to be good.

The problem is this card is one I had to get, but I'm not really jumping up yelling and screaming about it either. Come February when I start hitting the top ten I'm going to be bouncing off the walls like Pinkie Pie visiting the Hershey's chocolate factory, but today (and honestly for the next few posts in this series) I'm just not going to be all that excited. I'm happy, but a quiet, reserved sort of happy. The happiness of doing a job that needed to be done, and doing it well enough. A solid workman-like happiness. Those things are all kinda boring though and so also this post shall be. Here's #18.




1972 TOPPS!



Hear me out, people. I admit, this is not a boring card by any means. '72 Topps with the blue psychedelic tombstone border. Posed shot with the ubiquitous facade in the background. Not really a semi-high number, but it's got a card number in the 500s which is kinda impressive for a '72 card. And it's of HALL OF FAMER Bert Blyleven! I was griping and beeyotching about his Hall snub for years! Not quite as loud as I screamed about Santo, O'Neil, Minoso and Miller, but he was definitely in the Top 5 of players I whined about not being in the Hall of Fame. And now I have his '72 Topps card for the set? What gives?

There are several factors keeping me from acting like a squeeing fangirl all over this post. First of all is the price. If I had found this sucker in a quarter box I would have been dancing in the streets. (brief aside: I did a search for that link and Google told me that I had already shared it in a blogger post last year. I'm starting to think SOPA isn't the thing I should be worrying about. Oh well [insert last line of Orwell's 1984 here]) The fact of the matter is I got this for 4 bucks which is probably a pretty fair price for it. It's in good shape, coupla dings, slightly off center. I needed the card for my set and I acquired it fairly from a reputable dealer in a grand example of how Capitalism is supposed to work. Booooooring!

While I needed this card for my set, I haven't actually placed my '72 Topps series 4 cards into a binder yet. I probably should go ahead and do that, but I've been trying to finish each series one at a time and I haven't done it. Honestly, after I knock out series 3 and 4, I ain't completing no '72 series for a loooooooooooong time. Series 5 is tough and the high numbers are just stupid. I have about 3 times the number of high series cards from 1953 Topps than I have for the '72 set. That's just not right. So while I have knocked out a hole in my collection, I never got the tactile sensation of actually placing the card in the binder. Things like that are important. Sure, I'll do it soon. Whenever I get arsed to stick the rest of series 4 into pages, but it just won't quite be the same. The card for Tuesday's post (like how I've got all this stuff scheduled out in my mind?) suffers from the same issue as Bert, but I at least have a clue on where I'm going to go with writing that one.

The big thing that leaves me sort of flat about this card ( heh - card, flat) is the simple fact that Bert now is a bona-fide Hall of Famer. Two years ago, this card probably jumps at least a half dozen spots on the countdown and I would have written a flaming rant full of piss and vinegar about how the BBWAA is a bunch of Morans and the Hall of Fame voting is a joke and they should really just nuke Cooperstown from orbit and blah blah blah blah. TIPS FOR ASPIRING WRITERS: Wanna find something easy to write about? Find a topic that pisses you off. You can write rant all the live long day about injustice and stupidity. You'll have a great time writing and your readers will rally around the flag. A great time is had by all! Writing about something that is exactly the way it should be? That's harder.

Bert Blyleven is a Hall of Famer. WELL DUH. Dude's got 3700 strikeouts! He was an All Star! And he pitched amazingly well for a bunch of shitty horrible teams! And he won two World Series Championships when he finally got on good teams! OF COURSE he's a Hall of Famer! And now he is. And I bought his card. For a fair price. And I can can now check off one more Hall of Famer on my '72 Topps checklist. Oh goody.

No, really, I'm happy about this. I'm smiling on the inside. This is a really great card. Out of thousands of cards at that show and hundreds upon hundreds of cards in my price range, this was one of only 26 I deemed worthy enough to come home with me. I enjoy having this card, really I do. I just can't bring myself to jump up and down about it. Sorry about the boring post. I promise the next one will be more action packed.

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