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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Package from Scott

I promised I'd show off the sketch that Scott sent and I'mma do it. But I asked for three cards and he sent thirteen so I have to figure out what to do with the other ten. I know, I'll show 'em off here! Check out my cards.

A couple off the '76 wantlist.

Topps205 of Hall of Famer Larkin. I don't need this one for the set, but I have plans for it.

Three Braves reprints from the classic Dover reprint books by Burt Sugar. I already have these in book form and in separated form, but Lopez is going to be a filler in my Braves binder.

Three minor league cards from the '80s including long time trainer Sam Ayoub.

Jermaine Dye minor league auto. I swear I have this already but I can't find it. I'm completely disorganized right now because I've been too busy


(this one was a dirty trick)

1 comment:

Scott Sawyer said...

I had 12 doubles from 1976 Topps and you actually needed 2 of them. Go figure.