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Friday, January 6, 2012

My first card of 2012

Ok, a quick note on the New York Times autism My Little Pony screw up that's gone viral. You see, what... what had happen... is the author of the piece was interviewing the girl in the story on her way to school. The girl was listening to Pony electronic dance music on her iPod on the way and one of the songs included Fluttershy going 'yay'. This could describe about 63.7% of all Pony remixes, but here's a possible candidate for the song in question. In the interview that morning, Winter Wrap Up was discussed including Twilight Sparkle's role in the episode. THE PROBLEM: the author wrote down Fluttershy's name but not Twilight Sparkle's in her notes. So when The article was written and it was time to name the nerdy pony trying to fit in, Fluttershy's name was in the notes so Fluttershy's name was used. Tiny mistake. Could have happened to anyone. Kinda like when the Times left out the "don't" in the Iraq WMDs story that one time. I find it interesting that a Pony remix song is the cause of the whole mess since I've got well over five gigs of this shit on my hard drive and MP3 player right now. Kottke.org links to some Pony music in their article on the story but if you want good MLP dubstep forget Skrillex, Alex S. is the real thing.

Dubstep is nice and all, but I prefer Pony trance, techno and weird glitchy stuff.

Ok, enough ponies. You want cards! Have I shown off a single baseball card all year? A real one from a licensed company? Or even unlicensed! One that wasn't completely defaced that is? No! I haven't! THIS CHANGES NOW. Here's my first card acquired in 2012.

Topps206 Mini card of Casey Kotchman. Kotchman has become one of those players that cause fans of a certain team to turn pale and twitch involuntarily when hearing his name. Like Ernie Broglio. Or Larry Andersen. Or Ivan DeJesus. Maybe even Doyle Alexander but I have a different feeling when I hear his name. Casey's the dude the Braves got in return for Mark Teixeira because they were too chicken to risk offering him arbitration in the offseason so they could get draft picks when Tex inevitably signed with the Yankees for 70 bazillion dollars. Picks the Angels were able to turn into Mike Trout. Oh yeah, the other dude we got in the trade, Steven Marek, just signed with the Blue Jays. Guuuuuuuuh. Did I mention that the slew of prospects we gave up to get Tex from Texas were a big reason they were in the World Series the past two years? Ok, I winced slightly when I saw this card come out of an envelope from Adam this afternoon. There is a happy ending though....

CYCLE! Me likey Cycle backs. Me No Likey that Topps always short prints the crap out of them. Numbered to 99! What's the point of a Casey Kotchman card numbered to 99? The number 29 is significant though... It's the number of games Casey played for Boston in 2009. After the Braves traded him for Adam LaRoche. Who if we kept as our first baseman instead of trading him away to the Pirates for Mike Gonzalez in 2007, we never would have needed Teixeira in the first place. GUUUUUUUUUUUUH. Mike Gonzalez is another one of those names. I've had a few Red Sox cards set aside for Adam for a few weeks but I haven't mailed them off because I haven't gotten around to creating his sketch card yet. The Holidays threw my procrastination schedule all off. I'm sure to get to it this weekend, as long as the Pony Madness of a new episode tomorrow doesn't derail me again.

To cap off this post here's some Boards of Canada, who along with Ponies and Baseball is my other big Obsession right now. Happy Cycling!


AdamE said...

Sorry to bring back the bad memories with that card. Funny haw cards will do that.

Chris Harris said...

Com Truise > Boards of Canada. At least until the next BoC record comes out.