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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What did I do to deserve this

Hey kids! Lookie what I found in a pack of Spectrum!

Aww yeah! The future is NOW baby! I got this out of a loose pack of Spectrum at Target too, can ya believe it? I am not big on the metal scene (if it ain't metal, it's crap!) to be honest. If I were to pull an autograph of the lead singer of an '80s band I'd much prefer Dave Lowry, Frank Black or Joe Jack Talcum. I'll take it though, at least it's funny looking. Dee Snider reminds me of some of my in-laws up in Long Island. No, I don't have any transvestite uncles (as far as I know...) he just exudes a sort of comfortable New Yorky feel through the weirdness that I just can't quite explain. I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to have coffee with Dee at grandmother's kitchen table in Levittown, but it would damn sure be interesting. I was about to link to his official website, but a Google search states that the site may harm your computer so, um, maybe not. Dee has managed to parlay a few MTV hits into a nice little career that you can read about on Wikipedia because I really don't care enough to go into it. Instead I will post the absolute pinnacle of Dee's career:

His cameo in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure!


Chris Harris said...

I would give Upper Deck my firstborn for a certified autograph of Rodney Anonymous.

(But I'd settle for Joe Jack Talcum.)

Steve Gierman said...

OK, I'll be watching that clip over and over again!

ernest of canada said...

i wanna rock!

Wax Heaven said...

From the other autos I have seen, you actually did pretty well.

Anonymous said...

If you wanna trade it, e-mail me at jasontcarter@gmail.com. Twisted Sister is AWESOME.

Gellman said...

I was a bigger fan of Spectrum of the Stars when it wasnt "Spectrum of the bad 80s Hair Metal Stars."

Someone did a case break and pulled the entire line-up of Warrant, Twisted Sister, and Dokken.

Id be pissed.