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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Ridiculous Edition

Here's the other style of 1983 Fleer Stickers with the team logo. Here's our wonderfully non-PC logo from the early 80's. I grew up with this logo and never really realized how ridiculous it looked at the time. Kind of a Mr. Clean with Mohawk and feather accessories. The dude is bubblegum pink on this card too. The pink comes from whoever designed this thing's decision to go with a two-color scheme. Red for the writing and the face, and blue for the background. Throw in some halftone dots and you got bubblegum face. If they did the halftone on the blue, our mascot could have been Krishna or a Smurf. They could call him Losey Smurf from their record through most of the 80's. I think they finally ditched this goofy logo in 1990 or '91 about the same time they started winning. Like I said though, I grew up with this ugly thing and it was just normal back then. I'll take the Tomahawk or even the '74 feather logo any day of the week though.

Here's the back with the stats. I told you the runs scored went up for everyone involved. The ball just freakin' flew out of the stadium that year. How anyone can win a division while playing only three games over .500 at home is mind boggling. It's all that teepee's fault. If they would have kept it up instead of knocking it down to get a few more seats, we win the division by 15 games instead of holding on by a hangnail over the Dodgers and Giants. I think it was all the Falcons' fault actually, they made them take it down for the football season. They almost screwed up my Braves' championship the lousy rotten Matt Ryan pickin' inept loser motherf- No. I'm going to stop thinking about them. I've let it go. They can't hurt me any more. Back to baseball. Good clean wholesome baseball. It was such a young lineup too, the only regular older than 27 was Chris Chambliss. Another stat to check out is the one on the bottom of the left column. The Braves turned 109 double plays at home and led both leagues that year with 186 total. Now one side of that coin is that their pitchers had runners on base an awful lot. The other was that great DP combo of Raffy, Hubbard and Chambliss. Seeing one of the slick DPs from that crew was almost as good as a Murphy or Horner dinger. I wish there was some kind of way to raid the Turner offices and pull out the game tapes from that season. I could spend a couple months watching those games from '82.

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