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Friday, May 9, 2008

Rainy Day Box Break part 2

Here's the next four packs out of that most-of-a-box of '91 Bowman. Things have been busy as hell around the dayf compound so I'll probably be doling out this box veeeeerrry slooowllly. Had I known it would take me over a week to get the next four packs posted I wouldn't have started this thing. Have patience though, for good things shall come...

Pack 4:
346 Norberto Martin
234 Mark McGwire
432 Erik Pappas
238 Dana Allison
39 Ron Robinson
225 Dave Stewart
299 Hector Wagner
34 Dan Plesac
368 Julio Franco foil
30 Devon White
643 Ricky Bones
211 Bryan Harvey
523 Bill Landrum
425 Dave Smith

For a set not known for its intrinsic beauty, there are a lot of really good photos in the set. McGwire at bat is a good looking card. Eric Pappas with partly clouded skies behind him is a nice portrait. Ron Robinson and his beard are grinning broadly. The absolute best though is Dave Stewart glaring at you as he is about to chuck a fastball right at your head. Forget Shaft, Dave is one bad mother... Julio Franco continues the streak of foil Silver Slugger cards.

Pack 5:
674 Chris Sabo
510 Gary Varsho
599 Stan Javier
362 Rock Raines
172 Robert Eenhoorn
667 Rob Dibble
634 Johnny Ard
82 John Farrell
370 Alan Trammell foil
473 Charlie O'Brien
647 Tony Gwynn
349 Lance Johnson
454 Spike Owen
221 Todd Burns

Lots of fan favorites in this pack. Rob Dibble, Spuds Sabo, Rock Raines, and isn't that card of One-Dog just beautiful? There are also a lot of celebrity impersonators in this set. I still can't figure out who Todd Burns looks like though. Throw in a Trammell and Tony Gwynn and you have a winner pack.

Pack 6:
229 Dan Howitt
204 Cliff Young
392 Greg Carmona
629 Steve Hosey
582 Mark Wohlers
613 Mike Scioscia
307 Kurt Stillwell
22 Dave Stieb
696 Domingo Mota foil
355 Charlie Hough
16 Tom Henke
477 Frank Viola
268 Steve Buechele
210 Dave Winfield

Mark Wohlers rookie for the win. Everyone remembers the vaunted Glavine/Avery/Smoltz group of great young arms, but there was a second wave of young pitchers in the Braves organization. Right after those three anchored the rotation, Kent Mercker, Mike Stanton and Wohlers all showed up in the bullpen. They aren't going to end up in the Hall of Fame like Glavine and Smoltz, but it's hard to find many relief pitchers with careers as long as Mercker and Stanton. Wohlers ended up being the Avery of the bunch burning brightly before sadly falling off the map. Domingo Mota is the first non-Silver Slugger foil card. Domingo won the 1990 Player of the Year award for the Gulf Coast League and was rewarded with a portrait painted by Andrew Wyeth. Just look at those brush strokes. Dave Winfield closes out the pack nicely.

Pack 7:
526 Bob Walk
175 Torey Lovullo
45 Chris Johnson
42 Jamie Navarro
331 Chili Davis
298 Tim Spehr
626 Scott Garrelts
464 Howard Johnson
533 Colin Powell foil
431 Paul Assenmacher
654 Bip Roberts
630 Trevor Wilson
6 Willie Fraser
555 Pete Harnisch

Bob Walk by any measure is a Pittsburgh Pirate, but he pitched for the Braves when I first got really interested in baseball so He's always going to be a Brave in my eyes. This pack has the Colin Powell 4-Star General card where he's throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium. I thought this card was cool as hell, but this was back when celebrities in baseball card sets were a novelty. There's a bunch of Spring Training photos in this pack. Chris Johnson is getting his picture taken right before a nasty thunderstorm hit. I think I can see a funnel cloud in the background. Tim Spehr is in a completely deserted stadium. Paul Assenmacher kneels on a freshly mowed lawn.Trevor Wilson looks to be in the middle of Johnson's thunderstorm, you can see the tarp on the field behind him. Pete Harnish is back in the sunshine and appears to be checking out an airplane with a banner advertising "Ladies Night - 5 Cent Beer". Best card in the pack is Chili Davis. Chili has focused his complete attention on the game and not on the dude sitting next to him wearing no pants.

32 more cards for the set, about right since I had almost exactly half the set to start out with. Four more packs should be up soon.

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