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Friday, May 30, 2008


UD made amends for their colossal Hillary card f$@k up from Series 1 by inserting this into Series 2:

Card PP-7B. It ain't Morganna, but everyone's smilin' and happy and Hillary still has a big fat butt and it fills up that empty bottom left corner in a plastic sheet full of Presidential Predictors. There are also 10 more Predictors cards in Series 2, Five of Obama and McCain and the same five with Hillary and McCain. AND THEY'RE ALL FIGHTIN! I think Upper Deck realized that the most popular Predictor card was Jon Stewart and Bill O. scrapping like Nolan and Robin so they took the basebrawl theme and ran with it . And looking at the early eBay listings it seems that NONE of them are super short printed! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Upper Deck for not bullshit gimmickizing this set any more than it already has been. That's more than I can say for a certain other company that shall remain nameless. In honor of your noble deed (and since I haven't found out about your actual gimmick yet) June 2008 is going to be Upper Deck Month on Cardboard Junkie. Each Card of the Week will be from an Upper Deck Product that I really like and that set will be featured on the blog for the rest of the week. In amongst the Topps wax rips of course.

Upper Deck, for not completely screwing up my favorite insert set of the year not having to do with Trading Card History, I say to you:

UPDATE: Ok, so there is a gimmick card. Upper Deck also created a card where Hillary is jumping into Obama's arms and UD decided to 'hand pull' the cards from the set and it worked about as well as last time. So there's yet another super rare Hillary card on the market for Series Two. I was convinced that Upper Deck wouldn't go to the exact same well twice in one year, but they did. Ya know what? I don't mind. I'll never get card PP-7 or PP-7A, but by all indications card PP-7B is inserted in normal quantities. And that's what I've been craving since the set came out in February. A card #7 that I can put in the lower left pocket of the plastic sheet in my inserts binder. That's all I wanted - a complete set of these great looking, funny cards. Not so much with Topps, who have made three of the most desirable rookies for Series Two into short printed WBC cards so we'll have to spend out the nose to chase these rookies. They also managed to screw up my '08 Campaign Candidate set as well with the stupid 2012? Aaahnold card. So Upper Deck is up 4-1 on Topps right now and as far as I'm concerned they are still (relatively) deserving of the "Good Job!" clip art. I'm not gonna run out and buy a box or anything but they still get their Upper Deck Month especially since I've picked out the sets and everything already.


Kevin said...

dayf, a word of warning. I work for a magazine that happens to be running a story on this card in next week's issue. I'm friendly with one of the fact checkers, who called Upper Deck's PR flak to confirm details of the story. In the course of his research, he Googled "Papelbon Varitek 2007" and realized that UD screwed up - if you look through the pics, you'll see that Varitek jumped into Papelbon's arms, and not vice versa. The UD employee insisted they were right, until he Googled it himself, and simply said, "That's not good."

So if this gets pulled and they start going on eBay, you heard it here first.

dayf said...

I'm not worried about it, they've got A.J. Pierzynski (Hillary/Obama) punching Michael Barrett (McCain) on another of their cards which is completely opposite of what happened. I'm guessing there will be no pulled cards this time. They'll pull some other crap instead.