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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mirror Image Chipper Refractor

I sort of took this weekend off (the Jon Stewart show at the Cobb Auditorium was awesome) so I'm posting a simple one-card post to get kick started for the week. Here's a '97 Bowman's Best Mirror Image refractor I picked up last Friday. This card is a shiny mess. Four subjects, stuff crammed in every corner, even the legalese has to be put on the front and back just to cram it all in. It's got my beloved Chipper on it though, so who cares. Chipper is paired up with Adrian Beltre, who was the hot third base prospect at the time. There are quite a few cards pairing up Chipper and Adrian, too bad Adrian never lived up to his potential. Or at least, never lived up to that one career year that got him paid. The back (or front, actually) of the card pair up Matt Williams with Russell Branyan. Each prospect ended up a full level in talent below the Vet he was paired off with as is so often the case. Who cares, though. I bought it for the Chipper and the shiny.

In a weird bit of synchronicity, I checked Wax Heaven this morning to see that Mario posted the Jose Cruz/ Griffey Jr. version of this card as well. Strange 'cause I scanned the cards last night and was just too lazy to post. Crazy wild stuff happenin' on teh interwebs today...


Wax Heaven said...

I have a thing for those Mirror Image cards. A whole set of them would be great to have.

As far as the irony, none at all. Great minds think alike.

dayf said...

That whole Bowman's Best set is just nice looking. One of these days I'm going to get fed up with new product and buy a box of the stuff.