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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Chasing Paper Edition

Here's another sticker from FleerFan featuring the Bravos. This sticker is blank on the back, so I'm not sure at all what year it's from. Sometime in the 70s I guess. Some of the first cards I ever got were stickers like these from a card/memorabilia store called the Paper Chase. They had a big bin the size of a card table with a bunch of random cards in it for a penny each. When I was about 8 or 9 I got to scrounge through it and many of the cards I chose were stickers with a similar design to these. It was a pretty big mess, piles of cards were everywhere getting dinged and bent. There were a few other kids besides me digging through it when I was there and we were all having having a ball. I think I ended up with more basketball cards and stickers than baseball cards. It could be that I just remember the basketball cards better though because they were the only ones I had for a long time. The baseball cards probably just got mixed up in the cigar box with the rest of my collection and don't stick out in my mind as a result.

My stickers had a puzzle of either a World Series or All-Star game on the back. Other than the back, everything else is the same down to the "Grand Slam High Gloss Stickers" text on the card. Like the basketball cards they were the only Fleer stickers from the '70s I had. I never found any packages of Fleer Logo stickers when I was a kid, but I didn't really pay attention to packs of cards till about 1981. By that time Fleer was probably focusing more on the cards than the stickers. I don't really remember anything else about one of my first trips - if not the first trip - to a card store other than that table with the big pile of loose cards all mixed up and the little pile of stickers I pulled out of it. I didn't get a Braves sticker back then (but three Twins stickers for some reason) so this is a nice addition to the collection.

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