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Friday, December 4, 2009

Flea Market Follies Finale

I was lazy last night so the rest of the Random packs will have to wait till this weekend. Here's the final blowout from the Flea Market trip: The 75% off box. Got everything here for ten bucks. You will notice a theme emerging.

Fleer Fall Classic Donn Clendenon

This is the only card in the box that I was absolutely not going to miss out on. Where the heck am I ever going to see a Donn Clendenon relic ever again?? This might be Dinged Corners' All-Time Greatest Card. Mets, '69 World Series and Pants.

SP Legendary Cuts Fergie Jenkins

When I picked this up I forgot I had a better Fergie relic from Donruss Diamond Kings numbered to 25. Ooops. Any Fergie Fans out there? I'll take an old-school or Braves relic or auto that I don't already have for Mr. Jenkins.

SP Legendary Cuts Willie McCovey

"Or why couldn't McCovey have hit the ball just TWO feet higher?"

SP Legendary Cuts Pee Wee Reese

As far as I'm concerned, every Brooklyn Dodger relic card is worth $1000. I'll sell this one to you for $1080, with tax.

SP Legendary Cuts Jim Rice

Jim Rice is in the Hall of Fame. Hawk goddamn better get in this year.

SP Legendary Cuts Billy Williams

And Billy Williams rounds out the Hall of Famers. So, which do you like better? Small swatches with a nice big photo of the player like the Jenkins above, or one of these things with a huge swatch and an itty bitty picture? These Legendary Cuts cards sort of fall in the middle as UD got kind of happy with the foil, but I dig the black & gold motif so I don't mind.

Random Packs contest continues tonight as soon as I get home, because scanning is hard work. Be there... or actually have a life and do something fun for a change. I'll be posting!


Carl Crawford Cards said...

That Fergie is awesome! I'll see if I can dig anything up to offer you.

night owl said...

I never understood the jumbo swatch cards. The card is about the photo, not damn laundry.

So all of those cards suit me just fine.

Mad Guru said...

I agree with night owl, the photo is what makes the card.

Also, nice Clendenon card.

dayf said...

Mark's Ephemera claimed the Fergie, I owe him for those Dinosaur cards so he gets it.

Sorry Carl, maybe next time.

Mark's Ephemera said...

Now, if CCC wants the Fergie, I'll gladly take the Pee Wee off of your hands. See? Problem solved.

Ken said...

Wow. Those are great relic cards. All of them. Nice catch.

Anonymous said...

let me know what it takes to get that Clendenon!!

David said...

I know what to get my cousin for Christmas. Thanks!