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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That didn't take long

After two Hobby packs and five retail packs I've got all three ad backs from Topps206. I'll pick up a cheap Cycle one of these days and I can always enjoy my 2003 Carolina Brights.


Made all the more special by the diamond cut.

Polar Bear

They used dark blue ink instead of black... very nice.

Old Mill

Now that Topps has the minor league license, they can do Old Mill cards for the Texas and Southern leagues just like the original set!

Aaaaand what the heck. George Sisler!

I think 'ol George has gotten MORE hobby attention since Ichiro broke his hits record. Gorgeous George finished his career as a Brave, ya know...

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Roy-Z said...

I have to call it my Product of the Year. Just amazing set, and usually with too many parallels I get discouraged, but T206 is so worth it.