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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Random Contest - Pack 7: Tribe Cards

Ok, so it's late. So what else is new?

Pack #7 - LeaFleerUpperDeck

The man who sent the Random Packs of Kindness now gets to guess what is in 'em. How good a memory does Tribe Cards have?

Manufacturer: Topps - 11 cards for 11 points

Of the 11 Topps cards, FIVE were checklists. Note this quirk.

Year: 1996 - 0 cards

Well, we can see that David didn't memorize the packs. Late '90s cards were scarce.

Team: Tigers - 0 cards

No Bengals in this pack. I don't think there was even a player who used to play for the Tigers in here.

Sport: Hockey - 2 cards for 30 points

Hockey and Boxing were the only non-baseball sport cards in the pack.

Player: Kenny Lofton - 0 cards

I think all the Lofton cards went into the Trick or Treat packages. .

Weirdness: MegaMetal - 0 cards

This is the most heartbreaking choice of the entire contest as there were:

1 car
1 ad
2 comic
3 music (with no MegaMetal)

5 movie
and SEVEN checklists in the pack.
Total Points: 41

Here's the rest of the cards in the pack:

The Worst Card in the Pack:

Arguments can be made that this is both the worst and the best card in the pack. On one hand, this film is one of the most horrific travesties ever. On the other, there is a tuba right square in the middle of the card.

And finally,
The Best Card in the Pack:

This is the last card I need for the '92 subset of my Timelines set!!! MINE MINE MINE!


#1 Mad Guru - 121 points
#2 gcrl - 88 points
#3 Mark's Ephemera - 82 points
#4 Bo - 50 points
#5 Anthony K. - 46 points
#6 Tribe Cards - 41 points
#7 Play at the Plate - 38 points

Blue - Currently in the lead for the Grand Prize
Red - Currently in the toilet for the boobie prize
Black - good luck with the random drawing.


SpastikMooss said...

wow, I thought for sure that he'd win it! Funny how the randomness works.

Also, that velociraptor card is SWEEET!

--David said...

ROTFL! I told you, they were RANDOM! I had no idea what was in any of the packs that went out. I need to review these and see how screwed you got... ouch.

dayf said...

The Johnny Depp Hunk sticker means I most definitely did NOT get screwed!