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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peachy O-Pee-Chee

Here's pack two of my massive Wal Mart haul. I just realized that if I am going to just post packs for the rest of the year, I have no pack for New Year's eve. Guuuuuuh. O-Pee-Chee is another set I really liked this year. Boxes are cheap as dirt right now, maybe I should sell some plasma and pick one up.

420 John Lackey

Someone remind me... Did the Yankees or Red Sox sign this dude? (had to be one of them)

550 Jonathan Papelbon Moments black parallel

Oh goody... a parallel of a double printed subset. The borders are all dinged up to boot.

571 Scott Elbert RC mini

I do like the minis in this set. I get warm fuzzy memories of '75 Topps minis. A blurb on the back of Scott's card caught my eye:
"Considered one of the best pitching prospects in the Minor Leagues as far back as 2006"
Being considered a great pitching prospect 3 years ago is not necessarily a good thing. Elbert looks like he might have a future in L.A. though.

528 Phillies Team Checklist

Wooooo! A checklist card of Citizens Bank Park. Every set collector's dream. Thanks to parallels half the pack consisted of various incarnations of the one per pack 'short print' cards (which are actually statistically easier than the base cards to pull).

223 Chris Iannetta

Gotta love the full catcher's gear. Chris still ain't as good as McCann.

251 AJ Burnett

Yet another big-money Yankee pitcher. Ho Hum.

Upper Deck U ad card

I feel sort of bad for not only completly ignoring the Topps and Upper Deck online amusement parks this year, but also for not even bothering to share the codes with someone who might be able to use it. Here you go, have a pack code.

Enjoy your UDU Code experience!


Matt said...

I'm not quite sure if you're being sarcastic, but that Citizen's Bank Park card is awesome.

McCann Can Triple said...

I'd love to get the set. I would likely need five boxes though to complete the set since there is only
3 or 4 base cards in every back.

Andy said...

I have most of the set and would be happy to send it to someone. My house burned down 2 weeks ago but most of my cards were at my office.

McCann Can Triple said...

Damn, I am sorry about your house.

How much would you part for the cards? You can contact me at Chipper_fan@hotmail.com if you would like to work out a deal. I have a birthday coming up and will likely have some cash (finally) soon.

First Yesr said...

I think this set would look really nice in a book. I guess I just like bordered, old school looking cards.

G_Moses said...

This set just doesn't do it for me. I guess I'm just partial to Heritage.

Plasma? You could do worse.

ernest of canada said...

i believe an obligatory booing is in order for the hated burnett.