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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flea Market Follies - Part 3

The flea market guy has a couple of monster boxes filled with toploaders. One was marked 25 cents each, one was 75 cents each. I already showed you the relics from the 75 cent box, but here's three more I got out of there.

2007 Future Stars Joakim Soria autograph

This card is ugly as hell, and has a big ding on the corner and you can barely see the autograph thanks to the clear sticker on top of a stupidly busy background, but I know Royals fans a-plenty and there's even a blog inspired by this dude so I had to have it for 75 measly cents.

2008 Goudey Rod Carew

(insert Sure Shot reference here) I didn't have my goudey wantlists with me, but I bought all the short prints I could find. It's Rod freaking Carew anyway! I loves me some Rod. I love him so much I don't even care if you snicker at that comment and make it into something dirty. MY LOVE FOR ROD IS PURE.

2008 Topps Blasphemy

Two reasons I got this card:
1) I don't got it.
2) I can laugh at everyone who bought it for jacked up prices in March, 2008.
Great googelly moogely, this is a horrible card though.

Ok, enough of the expensive stuff. Let's gget back to my comfort zone. Here are selected highlights from my rather large pile of 25 cent cards. Oh, if you want to scrounge through these boxes yourself, he will be at the Collinsville, Alabama flea market this Saturday. No, I have no idea where that is or how to get there.

2009 Allen & Ginter D.B. Cooper

Man oh man I love this card. I remember when I was a little kid seeing a weird HBO special on real like mysteries that was way too adult for me to watch. D.B was one of the mysteries and I was captivated. Did you know that the hijacker identified himself as Dan cooper, but a medial outlet screwed it up and turned him into D.B. Cooper? Good thing, because D.B. is much cooler than Dan. Man, why did I have to pull that lousy Enron card? That soured me on the whole set for months. Now I love it. Give me more Hoodwinks!

2008 Donruss Phil Niekro Diamond King

Knucksie Diamond King! Numbered to 100! Wearing the Yankees uni he won his 300th game in!

2008 Moments and Milestones Felipe Paulino blue parallel

This set is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't care if the concept is utterly ludicrous, I like how the cards look. Plus it's a card numbered to 10 for a quarter. If you were to travel back in time to 1999, show me a card numbered to 10 and tell me that I would one day buy that card for 25 cents I would have punched you right in the face for being stupid.

2009 Goudey '35 Goudey McCann, Doumit, Mauer and Martin green border

This set is just about the only thing I like about 2009 Goudey. I don't have a want list for it, and it would have come in handy as there was a big pile of base cards in the 5 cent box. The '35s I like though. This will be one of those inserts that I will compulsively pick out of the cheapo boxes for the rest of my life with the idea that one day I will build a set of them, kind of like Topps Tek or Heritage Chrome.

2009 American Heritage Jimmy Carter

I picked up four of these out of the box, because even if I don't end up collecting them, I know plenty of people who do. I'm keeping Jimmy though, because he's from Georgia and is practically an honorary Brave. Yeah, yeah, he's a socialist and the worst president ever blah blah blah. I don't care what you think about him, if we had followed some of his energy policies back in the '80s, the world might be a better place right now.

2008 Heritage Chrome Fausto Carmona refractor

What'd I say about Heritage Chrome. I snap it the shiny like a deranged magpie.

2002 Fleer Fall Classic Carlton Fisk/Thurmon Munson Rival Factions

Any card with Fisk and Munson on it is Epic. Fisk is one of my favorite players and I'm really starting to appreciate Munson. Why wasn't he concidered for the Hall? Rookie of the Year, MVP, 3 Gold Gloves, 7 All Star appearances, he won rings and played for over 10 years. Does a plane crash seriously take him out of the running? Heck, Kirby Puckett and Ralph Kiner didn't play that much longer than Munson did and they're in.


SpastikMooss said...

Ooo pretty Soria. I wish that had been at my shop, and I would definitely trade you for it. Though I don't know what I have that you'd want haha.

night owl said...

Fisk and Munson on the same card? How do Yankees and Red Sox fans collect that thing? That's mean of Fleer.

Sooz said...

I need a flea market.

Ken said...

D.B. Cooper rules! He jumped out of that hijacked plane near where I live. I've been looking for that money for decades.

Last Halloween my friend went as D.B. Cooper and I went as his parachute. I was dropping fake money around all night.

Nobody understood even after we explained.

cardboardicons said...

Those are solid pick ups. My flea market guy usually just throws a bunch of stuff out there for a buck. Last time he had vintage cards but I ran out of money. I hope he;s thre Saturday, looking to buy some old musty cardboard for a buck, or three for $2. :p