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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Links and Stuff

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! I've got all the Random Contest posts written out.

BAD NEWS, EVERYONE! I still need to scan the cards for the last four.

To make up for it, I'll scan and post at least two packs one I get home from work today. That's right, WORK. As in a real job. For a real company. Not as a temp or a slave or an indentured servant, but a real and proper job. Allll riiiiight. Here are some links to tide you over until I can get back to the blog grind.

Thorzul's 2009 Card-Vent Calendar is under way. If you don't read this, you obviously don't like cards or Christmas.

Mark's Ephemera has a contest coming up at noon today. I can't enter 'cause I'll be at WORK. Yeah. That's right.

Stale Gum's 2009 Gummie Nominations are open. Go give Chris some ideas. There's some other blogging awards going on too, but I closed the tab by accident. Please post in the comments and let everyone know about it.

If anyone needs to know how to store mini cards, just go here. The 15 pocket pages are especially helpful.

I friggin' love this stuff. If anyone out there cracks open a box and hates it, send 'em to me.

Yeah, I know, Chip Caray got canned. After reading all the inside intrigue, I'm not sure if Chip is incompetent or if TBS utterly ruined him like they did with the rest of the broadcast crew. Someone get Pete out of retirement.

I LOVE when stuff like this happens.

RIP Tommy Henrich.

Screw Joe Jackson, there will be Goudey in 2010!

Saints of the Cheap Seats
Nachos Grande
Night Owl
Stale Gum

One last thing before I go...

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