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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Ugliest Card of 2009

If anyone can find a worse one, I'd sure like to see it.

Seriously, what in the hell is this??? Now, I'm not averse to maps on cards, the Pro Set Desert Storm set did it pretty well actually, but swiping a satellite image from Wikipedia and then sending it through a retroizing Photoshop filter is lame. Say what you will about Goodwin Champions and their three levels of short prints, at least there isn't anything as awful as this in the set.

Ok, the Al Gore card is kind of traumatizing, but at least it doesn't look vaguely pornographic if you squint at it.


Trader Crack throws down the gauntlet!


Mr P said...

In the 50s, the Suez Canal was a big deal but I don't think anyone would care about it now.

mmosley said...

completely agree. the suez canal card did not come close to making my 1-350 A$G set. hideous!

Ryan Cracknell said...


Ken said...

It's nothing a little caulking can't fix.