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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't read that, read this!

Yeah, so it might be midnight or later before I can post anything so here's a few blogs I have come across recently that you can read while I get crap done. Thank goodness for scheduled posts or A Pack A Day might be bare for a while.

West Virginia Cards Billy tried to suck up to me with the Chipper Jones Bobblehead card and it worked!

bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog all Topps, alllll riiiiiight! He apparently scooped everyone on the Allen & Ginter code thingy contest.

A Pudge is a Sandwich I don't even know what this is, it's about sports, lots of NBA, A's and Tigers stuff, regrettably some Cubs stuff too, but he posted the two crazy kids dancing so it's all right with me.

Tulo Trader the guy likes Troy Tulowitzki, what can I say?

Beginner's Wax it's always fun to see the brand new collectors out there before the hobby's institutional greed and avarice jades their soon to be cynical little hearts.

Capewood's Collections is also working on something interesting but it's still in the preliminary stages so I'll let him announce it. In the meantime he's got some good cards and music up on the blog.

Did you know The Writer's Journey was an artist?


capewood said...

The Baseball Card Reference Wiki is up and running. You can find it at http://baseballcardref.pbwiki.com/

Thanks for your support.


Billy Suter said...
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Billy Suter said...

You're forgetting about the John Smoltz variations I posted.

Also, the pic of those crazy kids would be better if the wouldn't have been singing to something as bad as the Crazy Frog.