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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who's in the Hall of Fame

I am! The Collector's Weekly has honored me with a spot in their Baseball Collector's Hall of Fame and have also reprinted Ephemera's interview about my Allen & Ginter card collection. (and no, I haven't forgotten about that set, I've been fighting to get the last few cards I need to complete it. You'll see some very soon) The site is an aggregation of collector's websites, information and a very prominent listing of eBay auctions that is pretty mesmerizing for an advertisement. The Collector's Weekly isn't just about baseball cards though, it has articles and links to a ton of of other collectibles. So far I've been fascinated by their board game, record and of course tobacco card pages. And of course there's a blog. There has to be a blog. It's practically a law nowadays. It's a pretty nifty way to lose an afternoon looking at all kinds of neat stuff that you might not have seen before. Or in my case, might not have seen in years such as this article on cardboard Christmas houses. My grandparents had some of these houses that they put out every Holiday season when I was a kid and I probably haven't thought about them since that last Christmas they were put around the tree. I'm normally skeptical of sites that mainly link to other sites but these guys seem to be doing it the right way.

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Wax Heaven said...

Congrats! You deserve it.