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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Phungo Cards

Phungo sent this pack of cards to me a few weeks ago. I scanned the cards but got caught up in other nonsense and forgot to post the it. Here it is in all its glory. 8 cards per pack, look for Black Frame inserts and "traditional" cards from Topps, UD and Fleer.

32 Carlos Carrasco

Carlos hasn't pitched about Triple-A yet, but he's a top prospect and could be in the Phillies' starting rotation sometime this year. He's only 22 so no need to rush him.

59 Meathead

The Phungo set has a little touch of A&G with some celebrity cards. I haven't been too crazy about any of Meathead's movies since Misery, but man I love All in the Family. I've got a 12 tape set of that show that I picked up cheap at a garage sale stashed down in the basement. My favorite bit in that show is when Lionel Jefferson messes with Archie by totally agreeing with his bigoted nonsense. Caroll O'Connor's reactions were classic.

23 Scottie Reynolds

I have to admit it, I despise college basketball. I used to have season tickets to watch the Hoop Dawgs at UGA, but ever since then I don't want anything to do with college hoops. The problem is, the sport just sort of takes over in January and it's non-stop hoops until the NCAAs. Which is fine, I guess, until you flip on ESPN looking for a score and ger 30 minutes of college basketball highlights. Or when you're listening to the radio and Georgia State basketball preempts the music. Or when you turn on sports talk radio and get non-stop dissectign of the NCAA brackets. I just can't stand it anymore. Scottie looks like a decent player though, and has an outside shot at being drafted inthe NBA.

46 Maddux vs. Howard

HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME. Looks like Howard's taking that ball for a ride. According to the box score, that might have been a double. Maddux still got the win though as the Padres desmolished the Phils 14-3.

36 Greg Maddux

Holy schneikies, two Maddux cards in a Phillies pack? Outstanding! Looks like this one is from an NLCS game. Derek Lowe got the start but had a hard-luck loss due to an unearned run. Stupid Furcal blew the throw on a grounder by Victorino and Lowe got rattled and gave up a couple of dingers and got run. It's just now really sinking in with me that Derek Lowe is the Braves' ace for the forseeable future. I can't wait to see him on the mound for the Bravos. Don't worry Derek, Escobar will treat you better than the Fink Furcal.

29 Kenny Mayne

I don't care what anybody says, Kenny Mayne is funny. Plus he's a low-key funny and not a bombastic ass like certain other denizens of Bristol who shall remain nameless. So Yay for Kenny Mayne.

Babe Ruth Black Border MOJO

Woooo! Case hit! This is that Babe Ruth collage made out of Yankee cards at ESPN Zone. Completely, totally, utterly sweet.

1953 Topps Walt Dropo


There's 1953 cards in these packs? I'm ordering a case. Even though the card is beat like a rented mule, the color is still amazing and it is one of the very few obtainable '53s I still need. Thanks!

2007 Topps Updates & Highlights Carlos Beltran

Gotta love extra cards in the pack. This card is on my needs list, but I have to admit my Topps sets for the past couple of years bave been neglected recently. One weekend I need to get them all sorted out.

2006 Allen & Ginter Hideki Matsui

That set is slowly coming together. I need to do a full court press after I get my fill of '09 Heritage and complete the thing before the new A&G set is released.

2008 Topps Heritage Emil Brown

I think Emil was plan P or Q for the Braves outfield this offseason. Let's cross out fingers for a Griffey announcement today instead.

I think Phungo meant to send this pack to Beckett. I'm glad he screwed up and sent it to me though! Thanks again!


deal said...

Thanks for the write up - great card by card synopsis.

No Braves in the initial batch of Phungo Cards, little odd seems like I get to a couple Braves Phils gms a year - just didn't have the camera with me last couple. perhaps in 2010.

I can't remember if that Howard v Maddux AB resulted in a double, but I am pretty sure there was a bench clearing that night.

Glad the Meathead found a happy home. Definitely one of my favorite oddballs in the set.

tastelikedirt said...

That Ryan/maddux card is super sweet.

I got a pack of Phungo cards a while ago to which I think are totally awesome.

Meathead + Spinal Tap = Rules!