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Friday, February 27, 2009

Black Backs and Throwbacks

Anyone found an '09 Heritage Gimmick yet? The Topps Heritage Blog has sussed out that there are 75 'black back' variation cards again this year in addition to the SPs. Called it!

Nachos Grande found something even MORE earth shattering.

That's the UPC code from my Wally World Cosmic Bowling Topps Blaster. See that code on the top? 1-825-50-13-9? That is how you can tell if a Wal-Mart blaster has all black cards or not.


Find that same code on a Target blaster (with 12 instead of 13) and you get....






I'll, um... I'll be back in a little bit.

Oh, by the way - a dude's plastic head explodes really really cheesily in that video, don't watch it if that's not your thing.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I believe I had this in January when Chris Harris asked us what this year's gimmick would be, here was my comment:

I'm trying to think of an idea that Topps hasn't tried yet to screw over collectors...wow that's like scorched earth territory there. I got it! On April 1st, on their website, Topps will reveal that ALL the cards released thus far were an elaborate April Fools inside joke, like Kazuo Uzuki only multiplied by 330, and then release 330 more cards. Get ready for Topps 2009, the 1,320 card set. Dammit! I forgot they read every blog. I just gave them a license to print money. You now know where to send your violent emails when this happens.
January 16, 2009 11:38 PM

night owl said...

Gray backs? Who's going to collect an entire set just because the backs are gray?

That's what I said before I realized I was still collecting the '08 Heritage variation cards just because the background behind the card number was black instead of green.

I'm sad.

Chris said...

I posted an update on the Topps Heritage blog about the black backs. Brentandbecca took down their listing of the set with the black backs. I've emailed them to see why they took down the listing and will post a new update when I hear back from them.


Anonymous said...

Terrible terrible Topps! Where are my car keys?

James B. Anama said...

Great, now I'll have to make the trip to Target!!!

Is it 5:00 p.m. CST yet???


JayBee Anama

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have pictures of these throwback cards?

Honestly,t his is a SMART business move by Topps. It sucks for set collectors who were looking to complete their sets via blasters, but this is an interesting markting ploy as it has created a stir of srots. I know I'm intruiged. The Walmart Blacks are awesome. Now I just wonder how those throwbacks look ...

Anonymous said...

I just checked my Target. They all have a -10- on them, which I assume is the regular release.

It makes me wonder what -11- is.

In a way, I'm glad my Target doesn't have the -12-. No temptation. Unless I see a scan that looks superawesomecool. Then that thankfulness will turn to envy.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! as my teenage daughter would be texting if she collected baseball cards. I just got home from work and find this all out!!! OMG!! I am loving the start of the baseball card season so far.

capewood said...

Thanks for the tip. My local Target on had the -10- blasters, and only 2 of those. The WalMart next door had about 10 blasters, all with the -13-. Bought one and indeed it has all black cards. plus the Roy Campanella Historical Commemorative Patch. I'd already purchased two regular blasters and wasn't going to buy any more of Series 1 so Topps got an extra $20 out of me. And I guess if I see a -12- box at Target I'll buy that too. But I'm not falling for this for series 2.

Billy Suter said...

You guys are all lucky. There's STILL no 2009s at my local Walmart. It looks like nobody's even bothered to add anything new to the card display in months. It's a sad sight.

Patsearcher said...

Any word on Kmart variations?

Where's the card aisle at Walmart? My Walmart used to have cards near the cigarette counter, but they got moved around Halloween and I can't find them anywhere now.