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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Thank the Maker, he actually signed. He didn't use the offer to squeeze half a million more out of the Angels. He didn't decide to start anew in Japan and sign with the Nippon Ham Fighters at the last second. He didn't completely reassess his life and run off to become an organic goat herder in the Ukrainian steppes. The dotted line is autographed and the physical is passed.

Thank you Garret Anderson for being professional and not causing another embarrassing debacle for my team.

Garret's no Manny, but then again he's no Manny. He goes out and produces and plays a solid left field and does it with class. I'll be happy with a line like this from Anderson in 2009:

130 games - .280 average - 15 homers - 25 doubles - 80 RBIs - .770 OPS

We also might get to see hit #2500 in a Braves uniform. I'll take it. Maybe Frenchy can look over to left field and learn a little about leadership. Just as long has he doesn't take any tips about drawing a walk from Anderson. Welcome to Atlanta Garret!

UPDATE: Captain Canuck, a fellow Brave-obsessed fan, posted a legitimate question in the comments.
are we really excited about a clean up guy who will maybe hit 15 homers?
It's interesting that you ask that. Here's why I like the move or at least don't hate it. First, go here. Take a look at the regulars in the Braves outfield last year. Frenchy, Kotsay, Blanco, Jones, Diaz, Infante, Norton, Anderson, Perry.

Now you tell me. Does penciling in a .280 - 15 - 80 line sound good to you? I'd rather have a second Kelly Johnson in the lineup than Blanco or B. Jones looking lost again. If the kids end up putting it together, then we have more depth and an outfield competition for 2010. If not, GA puts up steady numbers and we wait for Schaefer and Heyward to develop. Plus we don't trade off prospects for Swisher or Nady. Win-win. It's not the best move ever but if you think back to what the roster looked like in late October, picking up Lowe, Vazquez, Anderson and Kawakami wasn't too bad. Time to let things shake out in Spring Training now.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Congrats! Anderson's a solid guy.

Captain Canuck said...

are we really excited about a clean up guy who will maybe hit 15 homers?

oookay. i'll take you locals word for it. Go Garrett!

Anonymous said...

agree. garrett is good!