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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Best Upper Deck Pack I've Ever Opened

Every time I get mad at Upper Deck they send a spy out to make sure I end up with a loaded pack. Here's my first look at 2009 Upper Deck and boy, is it a doozy.

50 Julio Lugo

The cards have a gold stripe on the bottom that looks really good. I don't remember that on the preview images but it looks all classy and junk.

15 Adam Dunn

Here's the back, nice design. Everything in its own little compartment. The picture on the back is a cropped version of othe photo on the front, but it looks good.

78 Nick Swisher

22 Chipper Jones


179 Torii Hunter

144 Andrew Miller

This card has a slight roller mark on it Mario, so you decide if you want it or not.

123 Jeff Francis

Another slight roller mark. You have to really eyeball it in the light to see it though.

461 Carlos Zambrano Season Highlights

This card celebrates his no hitter.

471 Team Checklist David Wright

Here's the checklist for you Mets fans.


Not a Mets fan. There is intelligent life out there!

20th Anniversary - 8 Touchdown Jesus

See why this pack is freaking awesome?

Mystery Discount card featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

This is the super thick decoy card. I'm not sure if the UD discount cards are all Griffey Jr, or if there are different pictures, but these are MUCH cooler than last year. Golf Claps for Upper Deck for making these interesting.

AL Aaron Laffey Autograph

Pitcher for the Indians.

452 Team Leaders Atlanta Braves


466 Derek Jeter

This is the first card I've seen with a different picture on the front and back. Upper Deck has lots of Jeter photos apparently.

244 Carlos Delgado

277 Joe Mauer

Stars a Plenty. Check out that photo.

261 Derek Jeter

Sooz is jealous now...

310 Tom Gorzelanny

327 Randy Winn

361 James Shields

Note the transition from Devil Rays to Rays on the back.

Two Chippers, two Jeters, an Alien,Touchdown Jesus and an auto. Tough to top that. Thanks Upper Deck spies!


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Nice how do these look in real life, is the foil easy to read and such, how about the backs?

Voltaire said...

Topps, you drastically increased the quality of your base cards this year, but Upper Deck just crushed you into the pavement. Again.

I want me some Upper Deck. Bad.

Wax Heaven said...

Upper Deck just smoked Topps again.

Anonymous said...

Those are some nice looking cards.

Then again, UD is also releasing SPx, X, A Piece of Garbage, and discontinued Masterpieces, so it's a bit premature to say UD has the upper hand.

Voltaire said...

Crap that's a nice Laffey auto. Want.

night owl said...

I found UD '09 today, too. I'll be posting in the wee hours.

Patsearcher said...

Nice use of my intelligent life joke.

Gellman said...

Man, nothing beats the Mauer card from last year's UD

William Noetling said...

The Decoys are not all Griffeys, I got one that's a David Ortize Autographed Ball on the front. So there.

I have to disagree about the difference between Topps and UD this season. As far as I'm concerned, the Topps set is head and shoulders above the UD set...but since I've only opened up 3 packs of Topps and 2 of UD, my opinions aren't fully formed quite yet.

My blog will have my take on both shortly, and I had a GREAT pull out of UD as well.

Offy said...

I picked up a few packs of UD myself today (for $5 a pack, ouch) and while I love the cards, the collation seems to be absolutely horrible. I bought three packs and for a Pridie RC in each one. Being a Red Sox fan, I loved getting two Yankees team leaders. With the Event Predictors and updates to the 2008 sets in the packs, it looks like a complete set of this stuff is going to be a major pain to put together. You'l probably need 3 boxes or two hobby boxes and a couple of blasters.

Nice pack you got there. Always good to pull your favorite player in the first pack. If you had purchased three packs, you may have gotten three Chippers. :)

shoeboxlegends said...

I'm especially glad I haven't wasted any money on '09 Topps now.

Sooz said...

lol, i read the blog and saw the second jeter and thought, oh i'm jealous and then saw your comment.


AdamE said...

Darn. I mailed that Braves leader to you this morning hoping it would get to you before you pulled one.

Motherscratcher said...

I like this design a lot. I like too, though. I'll have to bust some of each myself before commiting.

Also, hang on to that Laffey auto. When the Tribe makes it 3 years in a row for CY, it could be him.

Motherscratcher said...

Topps too - is what I meant

--David said...

Man, that is an AWESOME pack, for sure! Nice Triber auto, too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice pack for sure! Iv'e only grabbed a few topps so far so I'll have to get a few of these ASAP for any opinion but I'm not such a fan of those toppstown.com inserts I don't need a virtual card I have a hard enough time dealing with sorting and redeeming my real cards! a virtual redemption would push me over the edge! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats a great pack to start of the 2009 year!

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