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Monday, February 16, 2009

American Heritage Wantlist

Ok, I have enough cards to make it worthwhile to post a want list. Help me finish this set before I start buying blasters until I pull a Presidential Patch card. (Note - I got a patch card from Howard B. Thanks bro!)

4 Edgar Allen Poe
9 F. Scott Fitzgerald
45 Samuel Morse
50 Elisha Otis
64 Gilbert Stuart
65 Benjamin Latrobe
84 Harry Houdini
106 George Washington's Farewell Address
111 The Treaty of Appoamattox Courthouse
114 The Treaty of Versailles

127 Barack Obama
134 John McCain
137 John McCain
139 Barack Obama
140 Barack Obama
142 John McCain
144 Joe Biden/Sarah Palin
146 Barack Obama/John McCain
148 Barack Obama
149 Joe Biden

AC1 Jackie Mason
AC2 BB King
AC3 Erik Estrada
AC5 Rip Torn
AC8 David Cross

'52 Presidents (have)
AP10 John Tyler
AP26 Teddy Roosevelt
AP29 Warren Harding
AP41 George HW Bush
AP42 Bill Clinton

Chrome (have)

2009 Topps Obama set
17 Pioneer at Harvard Law
24 Mr. Obama Goes To Washington
28 "I'm Running For President"
32 Victory's Within Reach
36 Rocky Mountain Highlight
37 Greek Theater, Denver Style
40 Hello, Michigan!
42 Cheering For Change
45 Thank You For Your Service
50 Hall of a Debate
59 The "O" Street Band
61 Kennedys For Obama
64 Obama Wins!
65 Not Your Typical Family Anymore
66 "Hello Chicago"
72 I Like It Here!
73 One President at a Time, But...
80 Burying The Hatchet
83 Life, Liberty, Happiness
84 Land of Opportunity
87 All Hands On Deck


Anyone working on these sets or interested in specific cards, just let me know. I have tons of doubles...

Thanks to: Matt P., Duane G. Howard B.


InternetAdvantage said...

I have some of these from a $20 blaster box I got from Target. Not really interested in this set, but if you want to trade for a couple short prints or Penn and Teller Celebrity if you have doubles let me know Thanks!
AP 4,
AP 25
9 F. Scott Fitzgerald
50 Elisha Otis
64 Gilbert Stuart
84 Harry Houdini
106 George Washington's Farewell Address
114 The Treaty of Versailles
117 The End of Prohibition

Matt said...

Okay Dayf,

I will send you:

40 Nathan Hale
65 Benjamin Latrobe
92 Henry Ford
98 John Stetson
115 Women Win the Right to Vote
AP7 Andrew Jackson

The NuCards "Braves win the Pennant" card we discussed earlier.

A Chipper Jones Game-used card I pulled from an ill-thought out pack of '08 Sweet Spot.

You send: Random Phillies

Greg said...

I bought a couple packs of this... I'll take a look when I get home and see if I can help you out.

Paul said...

hey dude- cool blog. first time poster.

I just got a box of Am. Heritage..I can set you up with

47 Eli Whitney
50 Elisha Otis
64 Gilbert Stuart
65 Benjamin Latrobe
102 Boston Tea Party
114 Treaty of Versailles
115 Women win the Right to Vote
119 V-J Day

I'm trying to get more '52 Presidents or Chrome cards, but I'm flexible.

Anonymous said...

I can send the Morse and Columbus, plus the David Cross. Have an extra Buster Keaton or Clara Bow? That or some spare Obamas. Nothing specific, just a taste.

Anonymous said...

And what's more... I've got a '78 Braves team card. If you still need one.

HookMan said...

Dayf, I have these for you:

9 Fitzgerald
45 Morse
84 Houdini

I need:

1 Mark Twain
2 Harriet Beecher Stowe
11 Meriwether Lewis
12 William Clark
14 Daniel Boone
17 John Wesley Powell
22 Davy Crockett
23 George Marshall
24 Douglas MacArthur
33 Paul Revere
35 John Hancock
36 Samuel Adams
44 Alexander Graham Bell .
47 Stephanie Kwolek
51 Martin Luther King Jr.
56 Susan B. Anthony
62 Ansel Adams
63 Frederic Remington
70 Frederic Edwin Church
73 Robert F. Kennedy
74 Daniel Webster
75 John Jay
77 Charles Sumner
78 Thurgood Marshall
79 William Jennings Bryan
83 George & Ira Gershwin
85 Buster Keaton
88 Tony Pastor
93 John Paul Getty
96 William Randolph Hearst
99 Frank Woolworth
101 The landing at Plymouth Rock
110 The Emancipation Proclamation
111 The Treaty at Appomattox Courthouse
116 Mount Rushmore is completed
117 The end of Prohibition
120 Brown v. Board of Education
126 Barack Obama
127 Barack Obama
129 Barack Obama
130 Barack Obama
132 John McCain
133 John McCain
134 John McCain
137 John McCain
138 Barack Obama
139 Barack Obama
140 Barack Obama
142 John McCain
143 Barack Obama/John McCain
145 Barack Obama/John McCain
146 Barack Obama/John McCain
147 2008 Election Night
CHECKLIST Checklist 1 of 3

Zpop said...

I have a few
142 (McCain)
Chrome C75
American President: Harding, Bush the Elder (AP41)

I need
2, 4, 5, 9, 10
12, 13, 18
21, 23, 26, 30

59, 60
65, 68
94, 100
101, 104, 105, 109, 111, 113, 114, 117, 118, 121, 122

American President