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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Get those votes in

There's about a day left to decide the fates of those 1982 Topps stickers. "Stick 'em" is leading at the moment, so if you want to save them you better get to voting. Someone asked in the comments if the things would even stick anymore after over two and a half decades. Well, to test that theory, I took this sticker here...

of Milt Wilcox and decided to test its adhesive qualities. Todd let me have two of these stickers so I had a spare anyway. Here is Milt's future home:

#186 in the album. Will it stick to the album or will the ancient glue be useless? Only one way to find out:

It stuck! The glue wasn't super sticky, but there was more than enough stick 'em on there to adhere nicely to the page. Plus I can potentially peel it off if the mob demands I keep that album pristine. There you go, hard proof these stickers will still stick, even 27 years later.

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Anonymous said...

It appears that "STICK" carries the vote!!! There was much rejoicing!!! Obviously if it were a value discussion then "stick" would also carry the day because stuck or not stuck they don't really have any monetary value. But I see in your original post that you based the voting standards on whether or not modern day Dayf should bother with such childish pursuits as sticking stickers in a sticker album. That being the case it's an unequivocal "STICK". We all get enjoyment from researching, acquiring, sorting, viewing and discussing pieces of cardboard with pictures of dudes on them. Let the sticking begin!!!! I also based my vote on a desire to see you chronicle your sticking journey. You are very talented with your baseball card writing.

I also want to get in on the doubles as I'm going to start sticking mine too and my album is far from complete also.

I look at my well worn 1981 album and it just brings back feelings of happiness (including my first encounter with Topps foil for better or worse) while I look at my 1982 album and see some pretty obvious signs of douchebaggery by 1982 Todd because he was scared to mess with the future value of the stickers.