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Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Topps Braves

These are the 2009 Topps Braves cards I've gotten so far. All of these came from Mario at Wax Heaven except for the Vazquez. I had a few already, but the actual cards scanned came from Mario. I'll add new ones as I come across them, I am not sure if this is a team set or not. Once I have the team list confirmed I'll update the post. I plan to do a Braves gallery for each 2009 set.

TTT21 Chipper Jones ToppsTown

So whaddya say guys, do I enter the code?

Gold version

TR34 Kelly Johnson Turkey Red

Ah, the classic Turkey Red design looks great. If that bat slips though, Kelly will tumble down 18 rows of seats. Be careful Kelly!

17 Bobby Cox


black version

42 Jeff Francoeur

Frenchy better remember how to hit, and fast.

57 JoJo Reyes

black version

93 James Parr RC

I hate how Topps only put in one line of minor league stats for the rookie cards in this set.

136 Tim Hudson

I hope we can see him pitch sometime this year.

203 Jair Jurrjens

Fingers crossed to avoid a soph slump.

236 Kelly Johnson

black version

258 Casey Kotchman

262 Mike Gonzalez

306 Javier Vazquez

So many questions about these guys going into '09... I'm wavering between hopeful and terrified.

Honorable Mention: 287 Greg Maddux

He's still a Brave to me...


Captain Canuck said...

not bad... I don't have any of these. *sigh* one day, Canada will understand that there are other sports besides lacrosse and hockey.

Nachos Grande said...

You have a lot more Braves than I do Reds...and I pulled a Dusty Baker out of my last pack...which hasn't exactly inspired me to buy more packs!

dayf said...

Canuck: no kidding there's more than lacrosse and hockey. there's also curling!

I've got some doubles headed your way so don't feel too bad.

FanOfReds: I had the Chipper and about 4 of the Braves before Mario's package arrived. Most of these are from him.

Captain Canuck said...

did you get my email about the Matt Ryan and the package heading your way?

dayf said...

I'll double check. My e-mail is a disaster right now.