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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 Topps Hobby Tournament Of Champions - Game 2

Here's the second semifinal game between two Hall of Famers.

The Babe:

225 Aaron Cook
88 Fredi Gonzalez
135 Carlos Delgado -5 Dirty Met
63 Josh Outman RC
13 Ryan Langerhans gold parallel +3 Gold
TTT2 Roy Halladay Topps Town
108 Alcides Escobar +1 Brewer
123 Casey Blake
101 Nick Hundley
74 Trey Hillman

Total: -1 points. Ouch.


235 Chad Billinglsey
69 Rich Aurilia
39 Stephen Drew
264 Dave Bush +1 Brewers
2009 World Baseball Classic Redemption Card Thing +10 I guess
TTT4 Brandon Webb Topps Town
Topps Attax code
208 James McDonald RC
194 Jeremy Guthrie +1 Orioles
306 Javier Vazquez +1 White Sox?? Hey!
29 Jerry Hairston +1 Reds

Final Score: Babe -1, Teddy Ballgame 14

Ted Williams vs. Ryan Howard tomorrow for the Champeenship of 2009 Topps!


Captain Canuck said...

that's gonna wreak havoc with my team set if I have to search for guys like Vasquez in other uni's....

dayf said...

Oddly, I haven't notices a single obviously airbrushed card yet. Maybe they're just saving those players who changed teams for series 2.

madding said...

How difficult are the redemption thingys to get?